Wife confessed that she is hair fetish

Hi Guys,

I got married two years back. During my marriage my wife’s hair was quite long. Till her waist. Ours is a arranged marriage. So when i asked her later she said that she had been growing her hair long to look good in marriage ceremony.

I noticed that after our marriage, since last two years my wife has got her haircut quite frequently. I get my haircut every month like all the guys, but my wife too accompanies me to a unisex salon and gets haircut. Everytime some new hair style.

I always used to be the part of decision making of what haircut she should get.
Once while we were in salon and she was sitting on the chair and getting haircut, i was standing behind her watching. I said why dont you get bangs. She was saying “no no i dont know how i will look in bangs”. But i ordered the barber to give her bangs. She got her bangs cut only because i said so. But she was amused and was laughing.

Last week she said to me that she wanted to confess something to me. I was quite worried about what is going to tell. So i was keenely listening.
She said very shyily that,”I have hair fetish”
And i asked her,”What is hair fetish”
So she tried to explain me, we also sat in front of computer and she tried to explain me in detail.

So later she asked me if I was angry on her or mad at her. So i told her why would i be mad infact if she like haircuts and all she can experiment as much as she wants. Offcourse I should be the part of the fun…lol…
She gets quite different haircuts all the time, so for me its like everytime my wife gets a haircut i get a completely new chic wife!! Why would i complain.

Its been only 2 weeks now that I have come to know about this term “Hair fetish” and while doing research I found out this forum. So planning to tell this to my wife. let’s see what she has to say or confess. I will encourage her to confess something here if she wants and also give reference of this confession so that you guys know its my wife.

I am sure she will have something to confess… he he he…

4 thoughts on “Wife confessed that she is hair fetish

  • May 21, 2016 at 4:01 pm

    Its good to hear tat ur wife s hair fetish.. all her confessions and haircut experiences r most welcome to this forum..I assure u my friend, a life with hair fetish person will b refreshing always as he/she will experiment with their hair.. I urge u to become a registered member so tat it will b easy fr u ppl to communicate..


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