Why hair enthusiasts should switch from Facebook to snipnchop

A lot of hair enthusiasts own a fake Facebook account because discussing hairstyles and other details with real identity might be embarrassing for them.
But Facebook has started blocking all the fake profiles. IT is using different algorithms to find out fake profiles.
You will be notified to give your phone number initially and then your Verification documents.
If you have a fake profile and not got the intimation yet, it is only a matter of time. but you will one fine day get it for sure.

On snipnchop, a lot of hair enthusiasts chat and discuss their interests over forums and chat groups.
Although not as efficient as Facebook yet, and still evolving, but it is still serving all the needs of hair enthusiasts.
And more importantly on snipnchop you dont need to prove your identity to chat about hair.
So do a simple one time login and join the chat in the forums and groups !!

Check out the chatting going on in our forums by going to Activity page.
Check out different Forums.

Happy chatting !!

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