Which haircut suits your age ?

As we grow old, we tend to change our skin care routine and wardrobe, Similarly, there are different hairstyles suited for different age groups.
Since our bone structure and facial features undergo changes as time passes, it is recommended to change our hairstyles to complement and enhance our look.

Today, we shall look at different hairstyles and looks for different age groups.

1. Age Group : 15-25 years :

This is the time when your hair grows fast and one can experiment with different hairstyles.
So one can grow their hair or chop it down to give an edgy look.
You can also straighten or curl your hair, based on the length and texture of your hair.
People have now adapted to the idea of highlighting their hair to red, brown, blonde, etc.
Your professional career also helps you determine the kind of hairstyle suitable for your job.

Suggested Hairstyles : pixie-cut, bob style, shoulder-length hair, long-wavy tresses, layered long hair. Braids of different styles (French braid, boho chic braid, side-braid), top-knot, braided up do


2. Age Group : 25-35 years:

Women get busy with their children and family and tend to go for low maintenance hairstyles.
Some women start to grow grey hair and get worried. One can always colour their hair in such scenarios if the growth of grey hair increases.

Suggested Hairstyles : Long hair with youthful bangs and locks, bed-head bob, shag-hairstyle, long beach-waves. You can keep your hair open as it makes you look younger

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3. Age Group : 35-45 years:

40 is the new 30. So do not be afraid to try out different hair styles.
Growth of grey hair increases at this stage, hence one is recommended to colour their hair according to their skin tone.
Hair at this stage is brittle. To maintain it, one must undergo oil treatment and spa treatment on weekly basis.

Suggested Hairstyles : Layered hair of different lengths look amazing. If you have your hair long, messy braids and buns will make you look younger.
You can keep your short hair open and flaunt them all the time.


4. Age Group : 45-55 years:
One must decide their hairstyle based on the health of the hair.
Ideally a shoulder length hair with slightly angled layers looks perfect.
Consult a stylist before choosing the colour for your hair.

Suggested Hairstyles : Angled shoulder length hair with layers, wavy hair, short chic hair, long-straight hair.


5. Age Group : 55-65 years:
Pick a hairstyle of low maintenance and go for short easy-going haircuts.
Most of your hair turns grey at this age. One can flaunt their silver hair. But if you are not comfortable, choose light colour shades to colour your hair.


6. Age Group : Above 65 years:
Just go for a hairstyle which makes you comfortable and happy.
You can try anything you want!

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