what girls say about hairstylists

A few female friends i was chatting with told me that they preferred to get their haircuts from male hairstylists than from female hairstylists.
Is this really so? Or was that an opinion of just a few female friends I talked with? If this is true then what maybe the reason?
Let us know in the comments below this article:
Girls — please let us know what do you prefer (male or female stylists) and why.
Guys — If you have heard about any preferences from females u know do share with us in below comments.
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One thought on “what girls say about hairstylists

  • November 14, 2015 at 5:13 am

    Being a girl i agree with this. I too prefer to get my haircut from a male barber near my area. I specially like the back massage he gives after the haircut.


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