Varshas haircut

Varsha didi did have very thick black hair . She always made a thick bun. I always wished to touch her thick hairbun.

Varsha didi is very traditional. As she was new in city she used to live in our house as paying guest and she became part of our family.

One day when I was alone at home at that time varsha didi came home but she looked upset…. when I asked her the reason for why she was upset then that time she told that she needed a haircut but was not sure about which salon she should go. I gave her suggestion to visit unisex salon to which I go for my haircut and I took her to that place.

When we reached there were no clients so her turn came quickly…after sitting on chair she looked nervous…and told barber to maintain shoulder length…when barber caped her and opened her bun and sprayed some water on her hair I was so excited and then barber started to chop varsha didi’s hair.. within few minutes there were hair of varsha didi on cape and floor they were thick and black….varsha didi looked at mirror and loved her new look…I asked her to touch her hair and she agreed…I will never forget this moment

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