Using Customer Data to increase Salon profits

Customer Data

Just before your customer leaves your salon, get a few data recorded so that it can be analyzed and used to improve your services and your profits.

There are number of ways in which you can analyze data of your customer.


Each time a customer comes to you, record which services he got from you. So that you can later find out which service provides you the most revenue. Also this should help you to find who which customer gets haircut from you but has never got rebounding or other chemical treatments done from you. Understand that it is difficult to find a new customer, but you can get your existing customer to get more number of services from you.


Above is an example where we can see the kind of customer base you have. You can clearly see that your revenues are least from the kids and the old ladies, while they are the highest from the working women. That way you can focus more on working women and try to grab more kids and old ladies by giving discounts for kids and senior citizens.

If you record their phone numbers as well as their date of birth ( And not year, just kidding ), a message should reach them, one week prior to their birthdays regarding special birthday discounts your salon is offering them on the occasion of their birthday. This increases their visits to your salon generating revenue for you. Also your customers feel special since you remembered their birthday. And chances of them becoming your regular customers are very high. And if they are already your regular customer, you can be rest assured that they won’t go to a new stylist in the town.

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