Unplanned haircut

Me and my girlfriend had to prepare for the prom in just one day. So we went shopping and it was pretty late, almost 830pm.
My girlfriend had almost forgotten that she needed to get a haircut but it was pretty late.

Now honestly I never wanted her to cut her hair. Her hair was naturally wavy and dark brown color. It was very long and I loved to play with it. Seen from the back, her hair was voluminous and quite good looking.
But she wanted to get the ends trimmed on that night itself.

I didn’t understand what difference would a trim make and why such hurry. I suggested but she did not listen.

So I had no choice now but to look for decent salons in town so late. Most of them were closed and I was tired of driving. So she finally agreed and we decided to head back home.

But on the way she spotted a beauty salon. The sign read “Pearl’s Beauty Parlour” . It was a small door in an old building. My girlfriend decided to go there as she wanted a trim badly. We parked the car and were walking towards the salon which had a sign that said ‘women only’ . However my girlfriend said it was quite late and it would be okay if I come.

“Are you sure you can’t wait a day or two for a trim?” I asked my girlfriend

“No, I don’t want to go to prom looking like a mess” she revolted

Now honestly I think her hair was perfect.
She was very particular about her hair and that’s the reason why it was her most beautiful and striking feature. So I decided not to interfere much, it was only a trim after all.

A young woman in her mid thirties welcomed us as my girlfriend asked her if it was okay for me to come. There were no other customers as it was so late.

I sat on the sofa behind the three chairs, my girlfriend took a seat on the middle one and I could see her in the mirror. She looked so gorgeous, her beautiful hair behind the chair was so good that I wanted her not to get a trim either. She looked at me and gave me a reassuring smile and said ‘just a trim baby’ loosing. I smiled back.

The woman started working on her hair after my girlfriend had instructed her that she wanted her hair to be healthy and neat. She told her she wanted her split ends trimmed. The woman nodded and removed a comb and scissor from the drawer.

Now I had accompanied my girlfriend for haircuts before, so I know that usually the hair was washed first and then wet hair combed into sections for cutting. So me and my both girlfriend were expecting the same.

However, the woman started combing my girlfriends hair and then she opened her big pair of scissors and started cutting my girlfriends hair near her neck.

It was such a shock for me! My girlfriend couldn’t see the back side and also her hair was in front of her eyes.

In a few seconds long beautiful brown hair that I loved so much was scattered in front of me. This was a time I realised how wrong I was to allow my girlfriend to go ahead with her stupid emergency haircut. We were in a very wrong place.

Before I could say or do anything, the woman held my girlfriends fringes and cut them above her eyes. A foot length of hair was lying in my girlfriends lap as she finally could see how much damage had been done.

Tears rolled down her eyes as she looked at me. Long beautiful hair that she had nurtured for years was all cut off in a matter of minutes. The hair which made me fall in love with her.
We both knew now that nothing could be done and it’s better to let the woman finish whatever she was doing.

Now she sprayed water on my girl short hair and started cutting her hair neatly.
In the next ten minutes my girlfriend had a long bob cut and she looked quite adorable. To our surprise the woman had given her a good haircut but absolutely opposite to what was asked.

We told her to sweep up the long hair and give it to us in a bag so we could donate it for making wigs for cancer kids.

We paid the woman and walked out without saying anything.
I carried a rather heavy plastic zip bag which had thick beautiful brown hair.
My girlfriend hugged me tight and started crying.
I hugged her back saying, “I love you, you look even more beautiful now. Very cute” I said cheerfully

She smiled back and asked “Really?”

I nodded and I could tell that my girlfriend was now less sad.
It was an adventure that we had because of my girlfriends stubborn attitude. She learnt a lesson that day.

We went to a local ice cream shop and then went home and laughed about how the day was and the haircut.

We had a very memorable prom night the next day and everyone loved her new haircut.
She likes it so much now that she has gone little bit shorter now and we are saving on hair products costs now.

It was an experience we would never forget

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