Unisex Salon Experience

It was the final year in my management studies and I had got an interview call from a very prestigious company. I had not expected that and was busy with other activities, I forgot to check my mail.

It was Monday evening when I casually checked my mailbox and found out an interview call from the company. They had sent me a mail on Friday and the interview was scheduled on Tuesday.

I knew I was in trouble as I had wasted crucial time which I could’ve used up to prepare myself for the interview. It was a great opportunity and the offer was somewhere around ₹ 20 lakhs per year. So, I knew that everything I did had to be just right so I get selected for the job.
I made a list of things to get from the market, some formal clothes and files to neatly display my certificates.

It was almost 6pm and I started to get ready to go out. Standing in front of the dresser, I was applying my eyeliner my hair came in the front as I leaned towards the mirror. I was shocked to see how bad the ends were looking. I had been so busy in the college keeping up with things that I had completely ignored myself. I knew my list was incomplete without a haircut.

I had thick long hair which reached my hip. It was however not cut in 3 years apart from few trims. Occasional straightening and colouring had made it somewhat unhealthy. I got compliments from people about how beautiful it looked but it was more an effect of the expensive products I used.

So I went to the market and shopped for some nice formal clothing and the necessary stationery and last on the list was getting a haircut.

I went to the usual beauty parlor where Richa had styled my hair since 4 years. It was closed as it was just past 8 pm and I had lost the track of time. I tried two another salons after asking my friends about it but even they were closed.

One of my friends on WhatsApp told me that there’s a unisex salon near her house that is usually open late. She said she had never tried it but it seems fine.
I became happy that I got saved. I drove to the salon and parked my car. It was very professional for a unisex salon.

I entered the salon and I could see no girl in there. There were 6 chairs and 5 were occupied. I was surprised to see so many men so late. Maybe men preferred to have haircuts late.

I took a seat on a sofa in the reception area. That’s when a young man, probably 22 walked upto me smiled and said, “Hi, I’m Ali. What can we do for you?”

“I want to get a haircut” I said thinking how good looking he was. His biceps were showing through his fit t-shirt

“Okay! Great please have a seat there” he said pointing to the empty chair in the corner

I walked up to the chair and took a seat as he walked behind me and stood there examining my hair
“Please lean forward” he said as he pulled out my long hair between me and the chair
“Ok relax” he said
I sat back relaxed in the chair as he was holding my hair and taking a good look.

“So what is your plan?” He asked

“I have an interview tomorrow and I need to look really professional. What do you recommend?” I asked Ali

“Well, you’re not gonna like it” he said

“Haha, come on just say it. I know my hair is a mess” I chuckled

“Too much straightening and colouring has damaged your hair and I’m afraid we are gonna have to cut it short” he said smiling

“How short?” I asked

“Pretty short, but you’re gonna look amazing and very professional” he said with an assuring smile

I thought about it and said
“Ok do it!”

Ali quickly put a tissue around my neck and then tightened the cape around it. I was not used to such a tight cape around my neck, I didn’t say anything.
He started combing my hair neatly and then tied it into a ponytail just near my neck.

“Ready?” He asked and I nodded

He switched on the electric clippers and in a few seconds cut off the ponytail. Showing me the 2 foot ponytail in his hands, he tossed it into my lap.

“Say bye to the long hair life..” he said jokingly

I was now feeling light after a huge ponytail was chopped off my head. Short hair made its way from both the sides over my cheeks.

Then he put on an attachment on the clippers and went behind my head as I interrupted

“Wait..What are you doing?” I asked in panic

“Don’t worry, trust me. You’ll look beautiful and professional”

“I don’t know Ali..fine..do it” I said in a low tone scared of what was happening. I thought it was such a mistake to come to this salon now

He kept the clippers on my neck and pushed them until the top of my head. I couldn’t see but I could tell my hair was very short. I was feeling the cool air pass through my short hair. With a few passes he was done at the back and when I touched the back of my head, my hair surely was no longer than 1 inch.

Then he sprayed water on my hair and started cutting my hair on the sides ad the top. It was a new technique of haircutting, with shears. He was adding layers to my short bob hair.
He made a partition and then cut the hair on the left shorter than the right.
Now slowly, looking at myself in the mirror, I was loving the way this new haircut was turning out to be. He told me it was an asymmetric bob.
I was looking cute and professional both at the same time.
All around the chair long shorn locks were lying as I said my to my long hair.

I loved it. And I liked Ali too.
When I paid and wrote the feedback, he wrote his number on the bill and said he would love to go out with me. I blushed and said thanks and left the salon.

Then I prepared myself for the interview and went to bed. The interview next day was great.

I got the job.

Now Ali is my regular stylist and also my boyfriend.

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