Unexpected Haircut part 1

I am a 14 year old Indian girl.Today I went to the unisex salon near our home to get a regular trim.I have a boycut and my doesn’t allow me to grow it longer.I have tried convincing mom but she never listens to me.I have to get my hair trimmed every 3 weeks.

I wanted to grow my hair long so I said mom that I won’t get my haircut. Mom didn’t agree and told you will have to maintain short hair. I replied to mom ” Why don’t you maintain short hair and went upstairs to my room in anger”

My mom has beautiful silky long hair till her shoulder and she maintains it very well.

While climbing up the stairs I heard Mom making a phone call for an appointment in the salon for both of us.”

next day we arrived at the salon mom talked with the receptionist. She told us to wait. We waited for sometime and the hairdresser came with the receptionist. “have you given her the instructions?” mom asked. “yes” the receptionist replied.

What instruction I wondered.

Hairdresser took and me and mom to her station she put a large cape on me and tied it.

I sat there watching my reflection while the hairdresser got the haircutting equipment.
She took out some scissors comb and a clipper.
At first I wan’t shocked to see it because it is used regularly by the hairdresser to clear the hair around the ears and neck.

She picked up the clippers and cleaned it up.A lot of hair came out of it.

She put a plastic teeth kind of thing on it and switched it on zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

She was standing behind my chair she pushed my head down. why is she using the clippers first I thought.

Before I could say something I felt the clipper on the back of my head and She raised it higher and higher.

A big chunk of black hair fell on the cape. I freaked out I was scared my things were going inside my mind but apart from all of this the clipper felt nice on my head.

she aging put the clipper on the back of my head and passed it a chuck of hair slipped from there and fell on the cape again.

She continued to do this till i felt no hair on the back.

I could fell air from the ac on the back of my head.

She lifted my head up and started the same process with the sides. I saw my mom sitting behind me on a chair and watching this all.

I saw my reflection in the mirror and realised the my left side was shaved to stubble.

I could see my scalp.

Why mom was cutting my hair so short I thought.

Though I enjoyed the clippers I was still angry with mom Who sat and watched the clippers eat my hair.

Soon all the hair on the right side was also gone and the clippers she stopped the clippers.

She wet the hair on the front of my head took the scissors and comb and snip snip….. She lifted a section with comb and cutted it off and it fell on the cape with the massive hair chunks.

This process continued till the front hair was also reduced to a short length.

The haircut was now complete the hairdresser was now dusting my new short pixie kind of haircut(don’t know what its called sides and back are really short and front is longer)

My mom came behind the chair and rubbed her hand against my head.I didn’t looked at her(in anger).

I got off the chair and sat in the waiting area while my mom got on the chair.

The hairdresser  dusted the cape and put it on mom.

Are you sure you want that haircut the hairdresser asked mom. Mom replied yes she has to get that haircut or someone will be very angry with her saying that she looked at me.

I was puzzled but I tried to ignore what they are doing I took a magazine and looked at that.

The hairdresser opened the clipper and cleaned it. Hair came out of it(my hair).

popzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz the clippers stared I couldn’t ignore them any more I saw the clippers didn’t had the plastic guard and they sunk in moms head full of black hair.Its sound changed and long beautiful silky black hair of mom fell on the cape.

I couldn’t belive my eyes.

As the clippers cleared the hair I could saw stubble hair on moms head.

Clippers left a clean path and they started from the nape and the top was now being shaved.

My mom was shaving her head she was about to become bald .

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz the clippers continued and the sides had some long hair left that too in some time were shaved.

After her head was shaved the hairdresser took a smaller clipper with higher pitch sound and ran it all over moms head .

My mom was shaved to skin.

The cape was then opened and the hair was dusted of her body.

she got out of the chair we paid and left.

To be continued………………..

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