Top Triangle Section haircut Tutorial

1)      Make A-line at nape region. And cut guideline at desired length at 0 degree.

2)      Now we will start from one side, complete it and then move over to the other side of head.

3)      Now take a diagonal section which has some hair from the guideline. Take this section over the clients shoulder. And cut it at 0 degree over the shoulder.

4)      Take similar diagonal sections and keep them cutting over the clients shoulder and cut them at 0 degree. Note that all the sections would be cut at the exact same place over the clients shoulder.

5)      Move over to the other side and cut hair similarly on the other side.

6)      You will find a basic U- shaped haircut done.

7)      Now you have to take a inverted triangular ( half diamond) shaped section starting from the crown and pointing towards the nape .  When standing at the clients back, one side of the diamond should from ear to ear section, the opposite point should be one inch above the hairline at nape. So that it would look like an inverted triangle. Where the ear to ear section is the base while it pointed to nape area.

8)      Comb this half diamond shape properly and cut at 90 degree. Usually you don’t cut half diamond at 180 degree since it would give heavy layering in a smaller part. If you want heavy layering go for a full diamond haircut where even 180 degree would look great.

9)      Keep all the hair from client’s one shoulder to other shoulder in a proper U shape.

10)   Now take big sections between your fingers and slide down from the top till the end. And check for any stray strands of hair. Cut if any extra strands coming out.

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