Girl i have crush on got haircut

Bhailog bijli gir gai !!
I have a crush on one girl in our college. I have recently gathered up guts and started talking to her. I am not sure if she is interested in me.
She has long silky hair till waist. Although earlier it was not really that great. Ends had split ends and all. And she used to always keep it tied.
Yesterday when I went to college I was sitting in the canteen and she came to talk to me. She had got a haircut !! she still has waist length hair, but she has cut it in sexy layers and has got really sexy side swept bangs on the forehead for the first time. When she was standing in front of me and talking i just couldnt open my mouth !! I was like dumbstruck. She was asking what happened and I blurted out in front of her that:

You look sexy in new haircut!!

On hearing this she did not give any reaction and went away from there. She was not angry but still she didnt speak anything. I dont know what to expect next. Will she be angry on me? Do girls like people noticing their hair ?




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