Hair Straightening Correction

This Straightening Correction was done in a training session of a leading product company by a couple of hairdressers together and not just me.

When any beauty treatment goes wrong and instead of enhancing your look it harms your self confidence very badly. Fortunately, the client we were working on didnt seem to have lost her patience.

Client had done straightening earlier, but it the result was bad. There were lots of hair which still had curls in them and some strands looked straightened !! No idea where she had got her straightening done earlier, but now she clearly needed professional help and hence she had agreed to be a model in straightening training workshop.

Perfect case of Straightening gone wrong

This was quite a challenging task as we had to correct it this time, without over processing already straightened hair. (And thats why I get myself  regular trainings 🙂  )

We were successfully able to get the desired result keeping the earlier straight hair from getting over processed or brittle.

You can see the after picture, where we were able to straighten out all the curls. Client was quite happy with the end result !!

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One thought on “Hair Straightening Correction

  • August 21, 2018 at 11:42 pm

    Me and my sister got a smoothening treatment done. My result is fine and hers is horrible. The adamant and very prominent waves are still there throughout her crown and roots. We did a re do still the waves are there. Please advice. (No hair colour done and smoothening done thrice over 4 yrs).


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