Saw an aunty getting makeover in unisex salon

I usually go to a unisex salon near my house. Today when i went there to get a haircut, there were a few people before me and I had to wait in the waiting area.
While i was waiting, I saw that one girl was leaving the chair and next turn was thar of one young Aunty, who had come to salon with her husband and their small daughter. Aunry looked very traditional and her hair were just long and one length. It did not have any style and probably this was the first time she was getting a haircut in a Professional salon.

So once Aunty sat on chair and was caped, she was looking at her husband who was sitting in waiting area. When he said nothing she asked very shyly,”You wanted me to get haircut right, now tell the stylist what to do.”
Husband was quite shy on hearing this and he said to the daughter that,How much did you wamted moms hair to be cut? Shoulder length right?”

Offourse it was husbands wish and daughter just nooded. Everyone in the salon was looking at this cute family who was so shy!!

Stylist took that as a go ahead and cut off aunty’s long mid back length hair to just shoulder length and also made a lot of layers.

After some time i could see husband whispering something in daughters ear. That small girl then went to barber and told him that get the front like the receptniost.( Receptionist had side swept fringes in the front). So Aunty got her long hair cut into eyebrow length thick fringes which were side swept.

It was such a awesome transformation of the aunty, and added with the shy family. It was such a fun to watch !!

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