Rejected Posts

Below are the reasons why the post you submitted with us was not published on the website.

If you do not find the post in Reject List, and neither it is published yet, then it is still under review.


Submitted Post Name – Reason of not publishing the post

Sayani gupta gets shorter hair – News already posted whens he had got haircut

Tammana Bhatia goes short again – no such news on her accounts

Dolly dhavan haircut – We do not wish to publish the news as she is a kid. Just a site policy.

Urvashi hair chop – very old news, also nothing specific mentioned about her cut

Katrina Kaif  – Just a hairstyle not a haircut

Nayanthara haircut? – No such news on her twitter or instagram

Mayanti Langer Haircut – No mention of her haircut anywhere

Sunny Leone long to short bob cut – Very old news, already published on snipnchop. Download our app and dont miss any news.

Mothers Surprise – Received a complaint that it is copy pasted from fb. Also we are not allowing fiction stories any more.

Erica Fernandez –  No such haircut news posted on her instagram or twitter, one mentioned is very old and has already been published on snipnchop

Ileana new haircut – It is just an assumuption, no mention of her new haircut anywhere.

Diana Penty Live Chat – We can publish it once she gets a haircut.

Tamil village Giles longer head shaving video – Only confessions allowed in confessions page. Else has to be celebrity news.

Elena desruza – News already posted when Ileana had got haircut

Bob cut – News already posted when Ileana had got haircut

Nivetha thomas – News already posted when she had got haircut

What’s your reaction when you see long hair – Questions for discussion are to be raised in forums only. Currently forums are available only on Desktop pc and not on android app.

Dharsti dhami haircut video – news already published on snipnchop when she had got haircut in June

Tina Dutta haircut – news already published on snipnchop when she had got haircut in May

sneha ullal – No such news of her haircut. She seems to have same length hair even earlier.

Mrunal Thakur – Short or Not – Once she gets a haircut we will publish it.

Need suggetion about my haircut by divya – Only confessions are encouraged. Questions can be asked in forums

Mrunal Thakur Hair cut – She has not got the haircut yet. If she gets haircut we will publish the news.

Ilena D cruz haircut – news already published long back

Shruthi hassan cut her hair short – news already published long back

Avika ghor serial actress bob haircut – news already published long back

Actress Daniska short haircut for kabali – news already published long back

Which haircut suits me – Questions not allowed. you can ask questions  and chat with people in the forums.

Nivedha thomos – News already published when she had got her haircut

Shagun Ajmani Chat Session – No rights to publish someone else’s chats. Only content which is in public domain will be published.

About Hair Fetishist in Facebook – No permission to interfere in others matters. Out of scope for us.

Srishti Rode new haircut – News was published on SnipnChop. It is an old news.

I like hairchat – Only salon experiences allowed. They should be anonymous. No contact information allowed.

Pallavi Subhash –  News was published when she had recently got her haircut. 32 Weeks old news.  You can see the time on Instagram page itself.

Actress Dhanshika Boy Cut – News was published when Dhansihika had newly got her haircut.