Part 2 Wife confessed she is a hair fetish

Dear All,

I understand that my husband has told you guys about the little discussion we had… lol….

He has encouraged me to contribute to confessions and So here is my confession:

When I was a little girl, we used to stay in Chennai. Since my dad was a government officer he used to get transfers all the time, so later we shifted out of chennai.

So when we were in chennai dad used to go for haircut in a nearby barbershop. And I too had a boycut as a kid, he used to take me too with him and we both used to get haircuts there. There used to be young barber called Rahim in the barbershop and as a kid I used to call him Rahim chacha.

Later we shifted to lots of different places in India. Later when I grew up and i got my first job, my training was supposed to be in Chennai. So when I went to chennai after so many years.

I was feeling really nostalgic after coming to Delhi and I was telling that to my mom and Dad over phone. They had kept phone on loud speaker and we were having a family conversation.

While talking mom said,” Remember you used to have boycut when we were in chennai.”
I said,”Yes i do remember. Do you think i should get boycut again since I am in chennai”
On hearing that mom and dad started laughing.  Mom said,”If you want to get boycut then do it now, because after that you will have to start growing hair for your marriage. So later, after a year, it won’t be possible.”

I was always up for getting haircuts and thought of last chance of getting a short haircut made me thunk that I cannot miss this chance.

Mom and dad were still on phone and making fun of me. Dad said,” If you are getting boycut go to that barbershop of Rahim chacha.” And everyone in my family laughed at that.

But it had a complete different effect on me. I thought it was a brilliant idea.
But being a modern girl i thought i will never have guts to do such a thing. So i decided atleast let’s checkout the barbershop. I was curious how it looks now.

So one sunday i left home to find that barbershop. That barbershop was quite out of town in rural area where dad was posted. So i had to travel a lot. I really had difficult time finding that barbershop, but when i found it I was totally surprised. It looked exactly the same after so many years!! Even the locality was same. It was like a small village type and quite deserted. Hardly you could see anyone on those small streets.

I decided to walk into the barbershop. It was a very small shop. When i was kid i never thought it to be small. But after seeing the world i found it so small. Just 2 barber chairs and harldy some space to walk. Inside I found Rahim chacha. He had become quite old and had grown beard and all but he was still recognizable. Offcourse he did not recognize me. When i explained he still couldn’t recognise me. He apologized and said that there were many little girls who used to get haircuts from him.

We talked for few minutes but there was nothing to talk. So I gathered up guts and asked him that I wanted to get a haircut, will he do it.

He flatly said no. I asked him why, he said he knows only boys haircut. He gives only boycuts to boys as well as girls. So i told him that I am also looking for a boycut only. After I gave him assurance that I will not complain if haircut didnt go as expected I will not blame him he agreed.

I really got the treatment the way he treats men and boys and little girls. I was made to wear a white cape made of cloth. (Usually in salons the cape is made of nylon.)

My hair was mid back length at that time and he had trouble even opening the clip and all, clearly showing that he had never in his life cut a grown up lady’s hair.
He started cutting directly near neck. First he cut off all the long hairs and then he started giving it a shape with scissors over comb technique. First time after years he shaved my nape and ro my surprise sideburns too the way they do it for guys!!

I must admit that i did not like the haircut i got an I went again to another expensive salon to get it neatly done. But i really loved getting haircut in a barbershop the way I used to get when I was a kid. What surprised me most was when the haircut was done and i got down from chair, whole floor of the small salon was completely covered in my hair !! I really lost a lot of hair that day, but it was worth it

After that i started growing my hair for marriage.

Finally I should mention that, I am glad that I got a husband who is understanding. He encouraged me to write this confession. I had been following “snipnchop” for long time, but only reading, but my husband suggested that if its a community then everyone will enjoy when everyone will contribute. So i have decided that I will try to frequently put confessions whenever I have any.


2 thoughts on “Part 2 Wife confessed she is a hair fetish

  • May 23, 2016 at 12:16 am

    Its good nothing bad in it
    Everyone has their own choice to do

  • May 23, 2016 at 2:01 am

    Welcome to the forum.. as ur hubby and u know of this forum, pls create a membership for better communication with others..


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