Parents angry over my haircut

Hello friends, this is Padma.

I had long hair till my waist. Coming from traditional south india family, I never really had a haircut in salon. But a year back i had to come to city and stay in a hostel for my studies.

so after coming here i got to understand how other girls maintain their hair.

so after staying in a hostel in a city for a year or so, i decised to get haircut. So i went with my female friends to a unisex salon. I was planning for a straight haircut, just a trim. But these girls made me get a very stylish haircut. Although i still have really long hair till my waist. Now it is in layers and i have been given side swept bangs by the barber becausr these girls insisted!!

My parents had visited me yesterday for meeting me and by seeing my mew haircut they are angry on me. I hope they will come to terms with it.


One thought on “Parents angry over my haircut

  • May 10, 2016 at 2:59 am

    Tats the typical mindset of a south indian parents.. thy believe girls should have long hair as it is considered as one BIG ASSET in girl’s life.. though I like long hair on girls, it should be maintained and taken care properly to look gorgeous..


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