One haircut that influenced you the most

one haircut that influenced you the most

Take just 5 minutes off and  Answer this question (No login needed):

Which is the one haircut (You have seen / You yourself got /Someone you know got it) has influenced you the most and WHY?

We are starting this because Admin has received this request multiple times recently.

Since everyone wants to read but no one wants to take pains of typing and contributing their experience, hence for everyones benefit,  we will collect responses and publish them only when we satisfy any one of the criteria below :

  •  we receive 50 experiences in total (Website and mobile app)
  • or we receive 25 experiences from our android app “SnipNChop” (Download the app if you havent done it yet. Its cool.)

Else we will NOT publish any of it. Everyone benefits or everyone loses. And prefer android app to submit your response since you have to reach only 25 to read everyones responses.

Every drop accumulates to become a ocean. You don’t party alone. Party is always with friends. So ,Come on, be a sport and contribute to the community !! (its anonymous anyways) and its easy too.

Go to Submit post link in the menu and send your entry. (No login needed. Just go to the link and start writing your experience.)

No vulgarity allowed.  Select Category as “Salon experiences for website and Hair Confessions for mobile”.


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