On demand sharing moms haircut experience

Since many people have been asking me in the comments section about my moms haircut, i thought i should post it separately since content will be long and wont fit in comments. So this is how it happened:

While me, mom and Dad were having dinner, tv was on. In some advertisement a girl appeared in bob haircut.

So mom said to dad,
“Wow that’s a nice haircut. Someday I would love to get such an haircut. I always had waist length hair. I wonder how i would look in short hair. But i know you like my long hair so it is ok.”

Dad said,” If you wish it then get it cut.”

So mom was really surprised and said,“Are you sure, i know you love my long hair.”

Dad said,” No that’s fine. You have kept your hair till your waist because i love it for so long. I think we can get it cut. But since it is first time you are getting short hair don’t go to any cheap parlor. There is one good salon near my office so let’s go there tomorrow. You can come near my office in the evening and then we can go there together and then come back home.”

Mom said,” I was saying that i would like to get short haircut SOMEDAY. Not right away. He he.

Dad said,” Why wait, if you want to do it let’s do it soon before u change ur mind.”

Next day when I came home, there was no one at home. So I was watching tv and door bell rang. When I opened the door it was only dad. Mom was hiding away so that i was not able to see her. Dad said she is feeling shy and caught her hand and dragged her to the front.
I knew mom was getting a haircut, but i was still surprised to see mom in short hair. Mom had a fabulous chin length bob and looked really gorgeous. She was really shy and i was really enjoying that.
Later when we were having dinner mom said that she had asked the stylist to give her a long bob which would be touching shoulders. And he had given it to her, but while haircut was coming to an end dad asked the stylist how will a shorter bob look on mom. Stylist said that he had suggested chin length bob but mom asked only for long bob. Dad asked the stylist to go shorter and mom got a chin length bob.

Since then mom has been a topic of discussion for everyone around here.  All the people in the colony have been talking about why mom suddenly felt a need to look hot. Even relatives are talking about it. That mom had such long and beautiful hair and why she cut it.
Although i was quite annoyed when i had posted the earlier post. I am quite happy now because mom has got many compliments from everyone. From many uncles too from our colony. Also my female friends said my mom looked hot and sexy. Although male friends have not dared to say anything atleast on my face. Ha ha ha.

Also, dad had got mom a new dress when they had gone to one office party. And dad seems to show off mom now. So i guess its good now.

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2 thoughts on “On demand sharing moms haircut experience

  • December 6, 2015 at 7:11 pm

    Superb simply ur moms rock now

    • December 6, 2015 at 7:14 pm

      Yes. She is looking like a college girl now…. ha ha ha… dad is showing her off…. look how hot wife I have…. ha ha ha


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