No place to hide my face

There is one aunty in our area who had long mid back length hair. She is quite in shape and looks fairly good. Few days back we boys in the colony were sitting on a bench after playing cricket for 2 hours. That aunty passed by us and we were surprised to see that aunty had cut her hair to a shoulder length bob haircut !! She was looking really hot for her age. So we complimented aunty on her new looks and also boys teased her a bit making her blush. Comments were like –

“Aunty,  had you got haircut a few days back i would have proposed you instead of Hema”

“Whats up with new look aunty?”

“Uncle must be feeling so insecure with you looking better than all the college girls”

“I think you should participate in Colony fashion show this year as a show stopper”

Aunty was quite blushing with our comments and mostly responded by smiling and saying that the parlour lady did it even though she was reluctant for such a huge change. But offcourse it showed clearly on her face that she was just being humble and she wanted a new look.

So once the aunty left we all boys making fun. (Specially me) that we have a new show stopper in our colony. I went to the lengths of saying that , hope aunty is not in love again with someone. Then we looked at one of the guy in the group  named Rahul, who is qutie a womeniser and known for his flirting skills. So we also teased Rahul that , we hope you have not started flirting with aunty that she has suddenly felt a need to look hot and sexy to impress you. We all laughed at that. and then I added “RahulIf its you who is flirting with aunty, I have a request on behalf of all of us. Please ask aunty to also change her dressing style to a more modern look. and ask her to wear jeans and top , instead of saree.”  Everyone laughed their hearts out at this comment of mine.

So yesterday while we were sitting at the same bench after playing cricket, I could see aunty slightly far away from us talking with someone. she had her back towards us and i could see that aunty had cut her hair slightly shorter than the other day and had made her straight shoulder length bob to an inverted bob. I could clearly see her nape. but more importantly, I could see that she was wearing a jeans and a top !!

So I again jokingly said to the group of boys, “Thanks Rahul for granting us our request of jeans and top. But why did you asked aunty to cut her hair a inch shorter and make it inverted bob. didnt you like her initial haircut.”

This was a joke but no one laughed. and i didnt know why, so when i looked at them, one of the boy said sheepishly, “Its not aunty, its your mom !!

I was literary struck by lightening. When i saw again the lady with inverted bob and wearing jeans and top was passing by and I could see she was not aunty, she was my mom !!  Mom also had mid back length hair earlier and mom usually wore saree, and wore jeans and top only when we were on a vacation somewhere away from our city.

Later when I Enquired with mom she said that she had liked auntys new look and when she told dad  about it, dad persuaded mom to get a new look. But since dad took mom to a unisex salon and not to a parlour, the barber gave her an extremely chic inverted bob, the same which he gives to hot and sexy college girls!!

when i asked mom, so why suddenly change from saree to jeans and top. She said she had bumped into Rahul while returning from salon and he suggested that “Saree dosent suit your new sexy look. you should start wearing jeans and top.”

I am left with no place to hide my face !!

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One thought on “No place to hide my face

  • May 5, 2016 at 6:06 pm

    … lol… dude you really have no place to hide your face. There was no necessity to tease aunty and pass comments at first place…. he he he he…


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