Niti Taylor gets haircut again

Recently we had posted a news of Niti Taylor getting her fringes haircut.

But within a short span of time, She has again gone for a new haircut, but this time she has went ahead and cut a lot of length !!

Before Haircut:

I could build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at me. So a lot of things happening !! First of all I am not dating anyone! anyone means anyone.. And even if I do il surely, I will let you guys know. And before abusing and assuming anything please get your facts right. It’s so annoying. Tagging people making fake profiles and bashing! Like I told you guys before Anubhav and I are friends. Best of friends I have known him since 12/13 years now. Guys it’ was a dare !! When I have my family around and when so many family members are there you think no one is going to comment saying Anubhav Ka naam Kyu likhaaaa. All the cousins and I were playing truth and dare and I lost and completed my dare. Everyone relax !! It was a dare and I lost and I had to write it. Stop over reacting please. Hold your horses !! And stop assuming stuff and bashing and tagging and making fake profiles. Don’t assume anything please. #assumptions#spoil#things#no#bashing#please

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Latest haircut:

Her previous haircut that we had posted

New haircut💇🏻🙅🏻🙆🏻 #haircut#fringe#checklist

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