My wife haircut from hip to below shoulder length



My wife had hip length hair before our marriage. After engagement  i asked her to reduce the hair length. As a result she cut her hair above her buttock. She maintained that length till our marriage. After marriage i again asked her to cut her hair. So she cut her hair just below mid back.

After couple of months later i took her to a beauty parlour. There she got a layered haircut. The beautician had already cut her hair a few inches before starting layering to make the length even. So the length again got reduced to bra strip.

The beautician did not do the layering properly. The end of her hair was so thin after the haircut. We both became desperate. With in a couple of days i straightened her hair by myself. It looked nice on her but the ends looks like a rat tail. So  without taking her opinion i took a scissor and cut a few inches of her hair. Now the hair length got reduced and it was above her bra strip.

After 1 week we were traveling to a distant location. So she went to a saloon to shape her eyebrow. I told her to ask the stylist to shape her hair as it was a little bit uneven because of my haircut adventure. I dropped her in the saloon and i went to a shopping mall for some shopping. I came back to the saloon to take her but for my surprise there was a new lady with her hair almost touching her shoulder blades.

She was very angry and i asked what happened. I only told her to shape her hair. She said the stylist told her that the hair was not even and hence the stylist had to reduce the length. She cut her hair and gave my wife a slight U shape haircut.

So instead of trimming her hair the stylist chopped her hair and gave me a new looking sexy lady. I always dreamed of her getting a shoulder length haircut.

Now i want to see her in above shoulder length hair and after that i a pixie haircut just like emma watson once had. But the problem is she is afraid of our relatives. Don’t know how can i convince her to cut her hair much shorter………………………

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