My neighbours Haircut makeover

Hi all, I am just sharing another experience of mine. I am a 23 years old guy.

That was a nice evening. Time had just passed 6 pm and that was a Saturday. I already had a plan of getting my Haircut today, since my hair has grown well. I immediately called my usual salon called ‘Chop it off’, that was a unisex salon where we could see both male and female customers. The reception girl picked up my Call and told me to come in half an hour. Salon located near my home only, so I just need to walk for 5 minutes to reach the salon. I also have a membership card in that salon, so they would give me discounts.

I myself started walking to the salon. That was a Saturday evening, my area looked very busy. All road side shops were occupied by teen-agers, Guys and Girls. I finally reached the Salon. Open the door and entered into the Salon. The receptionist greeted me and just asked me to wait for a minute. I took the magazine and sat in the waiting area. Then I just glanced the salon, saw so much of Long hair scattered near a styling chair. The Hair chunks were close to 10 inches length, I could confirm that some girl must have got a very drastic haircut. I thought I could have come a little early. Then the cleaning staff started sweeping all the scattered hair pieces and cleaned the floor. Oh my gosh, even the cleaning staff got a thick long hair, neatly cut with blunt ends. Meanwhile I heard the voice calling me “Sir”, that was the receptionist. She introduced me to a lady stylist, she was a gorgeous girl, neatly dressed and tied her hair into a tight bun, must be a 25 years old lady, sorry a girl!. Then looked very calm and composed. She immediately shaken her hands with me. She introduced herself, ” Hi sir, I am Stella and I am going to cut your hair today”. I gave her a bold smile and replied “Ok! Shall we Start?”. She directed me to the hair wash. A pleasant smelling shampoo and moved to the styling chair. Then she draped me with a black cape.

Stella: Sir what are we going to do today?

Me: Regular cut but little short at the back and sides.

Stella made everything ready and started her work on my hair. Suddenly salon door opened and a girl entered. I didn’t turn my head to see who was the girl as Stella was busy cutting my hair. Then I heard the girl’s voice that was a familiar one. Stella moved to bring the water spray, meanwhile I have turned my head to see who was the girl. Oh! That was my neighbour who stays very next to my home. She noticed me and gave a gentle smile. Then I gave a smile gave to her. The receptionist called a male stylist and asked him to take care of ‘Diya’ my neighbour girl.

Several thoughts about Diya crossed my mind, she was just one year younger than me and she had a long hair, never cut had a stylish haircuts. Daily evening she use to comb her Hair by standing on the terrace and sometimes she to apply oil by standing on the terrace. Always use to go with pony tail and braided hair But today she has come with free hair. For the first time she was coming here I guess, being a regular customer I haven’t noticed her here.

Male stylist, his name was ‘Ron’ a chingy guy. He introduced himself to Diya and directed her to the styling chair next to me. Ron: Diya! Haircut?
Diya: Yeah! Need a stylish hair. Please suggest me something.
Ron brought a book with stylish ladies haircuts. He showed a pic, I saw the pic and that was a short shoulder length layer cut. Diya asked for something a little longer than this. Then he showed some mid length multi layer haircut. That was really a stylish one. If Diya accept that haircut, I am sure she must look very stylish.

Diya: “Ron. This looks good and I am fine with this haircut” She accepted the same Haircut.

That was a shocking surprise that she accepted for the short haircut and it would be a great thing if I watch her Haircut fully and that too closely by sitting next to her styling chair. Ron took her for the hair wash and the Shampoo smell was too hard. Guess they use different shampoos for male and female customers. Finally she came and sat in the styling chair next to mine. Her head was wrapped with a pink turkey towel. Ron came and removed the towel. Gently rubbed her hair to remove excess water. Then he too a white cape and draped her body. Her hair looked very long and wet with a nice Shampoo smell.

Meanwhile Stella completed my Haircut and brought the razor to clean my nape and side locks. Diya was very keen in watching Stella shaving my nape. Stella immediately asked Diya, “Diya, you need a shave?”. She gave a shocking reaction and turned her head facing towards her mirror. Ron took the comb and started sectioning her hair. Then he borrowed the water sprinkler form Stella and sprayed a good amount of water before starting the cut. Could see the water dripping in her forehead.

Ron: Diya, shall we start? I am going to cut the base, so that the length could be decided.

Diya: Yes! Please start..

Ron took the scissors directly to the next line and asked Diya “Is that ok? The length would be just below your neck”.

Diya: Oh my Gosh! Ron, that’s too too short. You have shown me another pic and now jumping into this short haircut. No way!

Ron: I am just kidding Diya, here we go…

Ron took the scissors and hold close 5 inches of Diya’s hair…Snippppp..Snippppp..a good chunk of gorgeous hair fell on the floor. He repeated the same and leveled the hair. Her hair reached her mid back. Meanwhile Stella completed my Haircut and removed the cape over me. Then she took the hair dryer and removed the hair pieces over my back neck area. I stepped down the styling chair and started moving towards the reception to pay my bill. Suddenly I heard a voice calling me.. that was Diya.

Diya: I need a favour from you…

Me: Favour! Yes, tell me…

Diya: Can you please wait until I finish my Haircut? I don’t have the membership card..

Me: Ok!!! I’ll wait over there…

Diya smiled and told Ron to continue the cut. Ron started leveling her hair by removing the hair from the sections. Now he started layering her hair. Long long sections of hair falling towards the floor. I could feel that her Haircut gonna be a massive change. All her long thick hair falling towards the floor. Ron happily cutting her hair. He reached her front hair and started giving the fringes. Well framed fringes he gave. I was really tensed to see the damage the Ron doing there because I like her long hair so much, she use to maintain so well. Her thick braid, that too oiled neatly, oh my gosh I am going to miss all these things. If I get a chance I will go and order Ron to finish off her cut, so that she could have her hair atleast till her mid back. But I know that is impossible, she is happy getting her hair cut.

Ron: Diya! We are almost done. Are you happy with the cut? Shall i start blow drying Your hair?

Diya: ohhhh yes!!!!!!

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