My journey part 4 of 4

Part 4: Then she bring a solution with strong smell and started applying, bhabhi was laughing at me in mirror as i was confused, after 20 minutes i was taken to wash my hair, wen i came back my hair were wrapped in towel, when she opened towel i was out of this world, my all hair were white like a 80 years old….. I freaked out, bhabhi saw my reaction and ran to me and said it is just bleached now u ll get color, i wz relieved a bit…. They started putting red solution on my hair, after wash it turned to cooper brown, she blow dried and i realized my hair looks exactly like prachi desai’s latest haircut…… I got up from chair but bhabhi said it is not over, wait, i was like what else? She said it ll take more 2-3 hours, she told parlour lady to wax my face and whole body…. The girl took me to room and started waxing my whole face except eyebrows, then whole body, my skin turned red and it was painful, after finishing bhabhi made me sit on chair again and told girl to make my eyebrows thin and pointed, i never had pointed thin eyebrows, 20 mins and i was done, omg so different i was looking, soooo different….. Bhabhi paid and we left salon, on way bhabhi said the parlour lady told me about a good tatoo shop, u want ur foot to be tatooed, i said no it ll be too much, she said dont worry its one life…. I stayed quiet and we went to tatoo shop….. Guy welcomed and said wat u want? Bhabhi said tatoo on foot of this girl, then bhabhi asked me wat kind of design u want? I said exact same as u, work began 1 hour 30 minutes of tingling on my foot and tatoo was declared to be done….. Looks as stunning as on bhabhi, on same shop they do piercings too, bhabhi said as we came so far lets get ur belly button pierced and nobody will come to know, i nodded, i lay down on table, after markings guy told me to inhale air, i did so, and needle was in my belly, 30 seconds and i got belly button, i got up to see myself, looks sexy on other hand i cant recognize me…. Bhabhi compliment that i look very hot and sexy, but would u like to be more hot??? I was like now what? She said just sit down if u believe in me, if u dont like it remove it before your parents come…. I said ok.. I sat she talked to guy, guy came close to me with his piercing scissors, and hold the skin of my eyebrow, i was like what??? By the time he pierced my eyebrow and put stud…. I didnt paid attention and was in hurry to get home, we got home, i just sat on couch and realized what the hell happened to me today?? 10 minutes later bhabhi came downstairs to me and gave me clothes and told me to wear, i went to my room for change and realized that she gave me very short shorts with a strapless short tubetop, i wore such kind of clothes for first time, i went out and bhabhi started clapping, i saw myself in full length mirror in our living area….. Omg, it was 100% different girl in reflection, with copper brown ultra short hair, pierced eyebrow pointed and thin, smooth body like butter, belly button and tatoo at foot…… I said bhabhi may i have a cigrate? Bhabhi teased me by saying no it is bad for your health…. I said plzzz i need one, she said ok go, it is under my pillow in my room, i ran upstairs, grabbed the packet and lighter and locked myself in washroom, it was first time in my life when i lighted cigratte myself, i started smoking and staring myself in mirror, i stared at myself for 15 minutes and smoked 2 cigrattes and went downstairs and hugged bhabhi…… We had a great conversation that night and went for sleep……. I can continue further if anyone interested

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