My journey part 3 of 4

Part3: It was 8pm time and i finally gathered courage and went upstairs to bhabhis room, she was in washroom, i called bhabhi, she came out in 2 minutes, i can feel the weird smell from bhabhi….. She said what happened? I said i just came to say that i m ready, she smiled and said good decision u made….. I sat in their room and started the first open personal conversation ever in our life, she asked if i have any boyfriend, i said no, she said after tomorrow a lot of boys will be chasing u….. As the conversation was going on i said “bhabhi u said i dnt know many things about u, what are those?” She said u really wana know? I said yes, she said i ll tell u but u promise that u ll not tell your parents, i gave her promise….. She put her hand in her pjamas pocket and took out a packet of cigrattes…… I was shocked in negative way first, then she said it is very common in usa in indian girls to smoke and all that…. I said i always heard that punjabi girls smoke but never seen one, she said u wana see?? I stayed quiet….. She said ok come with me, she took me to washroom, took out a cigratte and lighted it and smoked on my face…. The smell was weird, she then told me to try, i said no, she said cmon and put cigrate on my lips and said now pull it slowly, i pulled and coughed very bad… She said dont worry it happen first time, cmon do it again, i did again carefully and it worked, she said thats enough for now and then she finished the cigrate and flushed the butt, the taste was so bad in my mouth so she gave me chewing gum…… After a while she said as u r getting makeover tomorrow so lets celebrate, and pulled a bottle of vodka from her bag named “belvedere”. I didnt resisted, on otherside i was excited because it was my first time, i got glasses and salads, she made the drinks, i drinked it in one sip, it was not bad in taste…. After two drinks i dont know what came in my mind i asked “bhabhi can we smoke” she said sure and again we went to washroom and smoked, after that i got so high and slept right away, next moring i woke and was feeling new me already….. I got out of room and bhabhi was already there in kitchen, she said prabh get ready i m making breakfast (she didnt talked about last night) i went to shower, we sat for breakfast, bhabhi asked so wat u want? I said 6-7 inches haircut with layers will be enough….. She said ok leave it on me, u just get ready……. We started from home at 10 am….. Went to salon, i sat on chair, bhabhi was standing next to me, girl asked wat u want?? Bhabhi said first of all take all cut her hair from the base of ponytail, then we ll decide, i was shocked to hear, i turned around to bhabhi but she put fingure on her lips to tell me to be quiet, in no time girl grabbed the super sharp scissors and cutted my hair, the hair came in my front and i realized that it is way short than bhabhi, tears came out of my eyes… But i cleaned it right away, bhabhi was browsing a magazine and discussing something with bhabhi, she came back and started cutting again, it was getting shorter and shorter, after 20 minutes She said haircut is done, it was not clear because she didnt dried my hair, but only thing i can tell is it was really short….

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