My journey part 2 of 4

Part 2: next day i called bhabhi and told her that she look stunning, she said she was planning for this for a long time ….. Few days later she posted a pic with my bro on a cruise, wearing black short one piece dress, with blood red lipstick and heavy makeup, she was looking no less than a hollywood actress, i got a strange feeling that us this the same girl my bro married……. It kept going and going, pics became hotter and hotter, six months before we got news that bro and bhabhi are coming india in december, bro is coming for 1 month and bhabhi is coming for 2 months, we were so happy….. We went to airport to recieve them… As it was december and it was all cold so they were wearing sweaters, but when i hugged bhabhi i could feel her broad shoulders and muscles, i was like “wow”….. Her hair were still very short, above her shoulders which looked stunning….. We went home had dinner, i was admiring bhabhi all the time…… Next day we all were sitting in living area and talking, and bhabhi said she want her nose pierced…(i was like what this girl is upto, she is already too hot and she is doing it more and more) mom said yaa go ahead it ll suit u……. Next thing she asked when prabh(me) is getting makeover….. I was like ” makeover”???…. She said yaa makeover, bcoz u r joining college in next 5-6 months and u cant go to college like a school girl….. I went blank and can’t speak anything…. Then she asked mom “what do u think about prabh getting makeover??”….. For formality mom said yaa she can get whenever she want….. Then i spoke out that i am not ready yet and will think about it(end of conversation)…… The days were cold so everybody was wearing shoes and socks all the time, but one day bhabhi came out of bathroom after having bath rubbing her tiny hair with towel, looking ultimate like always, and i admired her like always, suddenly i noticed a tatoo on her foot(some chinese kind of alphabets), i shout out bhabhi wow u got tatoo??? That look amazing…. She blushed and sat close to me and said there are many things that u dont know about me….. I asked what sort of things???…. She looked around that nobody is around and lifted her t-shrt from stomach, she got belly button piercing… I was dumbstuck….. Only word came out of my mouth was ” ultimate”….. After that every second day she ask r u ready for makeover??? And i always say not yet…… Bro left for usa in start of january and bhabhi went to her parents house, i started missing bhabhi, finally she came back after a week….. Then on 14 january it was lohri, and my mom and dad were leaving town for some of our relative’s grandsons lohri for 3 days…. So me and bhabhi were only at home….. As soon as mom and dad left, bhabhi said look prabh i m leaving in 20 days, i suggest u to get makeover so that if ur parents go mad at u, i ll handle them, i said i need to think….. I sat in room for couple of hours, very nervous, thinking about bhabhis words

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