My journey part 1 of 4

Part 1: I have a 7 year elder brother who got married 3 years ago, and i m 18 years old girl now…… My elder brother got his haircut when he was young because he was in boarding school and it is hard to manage long hair in hostel, i m just allowed to trim my hair…… 7 years ago my eld bro went to usa for higher studies, i use to ask him to send me hair products thats why my hair quality is soo good, my hair was till my waist, regularly trimmed, no bangs no layers just all straight…… 3 years ago my bro got married here in india punjab, it was an arrange marriage…. My bhabhi was very well educated but plain in looks, she got great features but she was just simple, wearing traditional suits…… After marriage bro left for usa and she lived with us for 6-7 months, at that time we just had a kind of formal relation bcz i was just 15….. Then she left for usa and in starting bro posted their some pics togethr but then there was no pic posted on facebook for 8-9 months, we kept on talking on phone and she kept on saying that she ll post pic very soon very soon….. One night i opened my facebook and was scrolling and checking stuff, on one pic i stopped and my eyes went wide open, i double checked the name that who posted the pic, it was my bhabhi and the caption was “the new me”… Holy smokes, i was dumbstuck, her hair doesnt touch her shoulders, it was all above shoulders in messy style, she was wearing sphegeti type t shrt with shorts, holding dumbell in hand standing in a gym, showing off her muscles and curves…. Omg looking so hot….. I ran to my mom and dad and they were also shocked and surprised but said nothing…..

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