My dream come true

It had now been 3 years of my marriage with Rasika, when this happened.

The background of the story dates back to my college days, the teenage years. I wasn’t the most active boy and was pretty focused on my studies and sports all the time. This summed up my life in those days except for Rasika. I did not talk much with girls but a few interactions with her were not avoidable thanks to her nature. She was a very active person heading the students association in college. She had also got the Miss Fresher title and was always busy with the stuff that didn’t interest me one bit. Rasika was beautiful even in those days. The thing however that was striking is her hair which was the shortest I had seen any girl in. Sometimes my hair would grow longer than what Rasika preferred for herself. Boys wondered how more beautiful she would look in long hair. Rasika and I never talked a lot but there was always a sense of mutual respect. Honestly, I loved how strong she was at all the choices she made. She pursued a career in management studies while I got into engineering.

It was only 6 years later that we met each other. I had finished my engineering and was working since 2 years. That was when my parents suggested I need to start meeting girls for marriage. My father’s senior, Mahesh uncle was a close family friend and he was helping. They told me Mahesh uncle’s niece is back in town and suggested we meet her. All I knew was that the girls family name was Sharma.
My parents had some discussion over the phone with Mahesh uncle’s brother and they decided to visit the girl. I was unaware about the happenings and my mother only told me the day we were supposed to meet. Mostly because I would avoid such a thing. So that evening we went to the Sharma residence. We took our seats on the sofa and casual discussions were going on between her parents and my parents. Mahesh uncle was accompanying us. After some talking, the girl came out in the living room with tea and biscuits.

When I looked at her for the first time, I could only wonder in awe how beautiful she was. I quickly looked somewhere else in nervousness. That’s when it struck me, something was familiar. I looked again, it was Rasika looking back at me equally shocked to see me. Both of us avoided any talk even though we knew each other. A lot had changed. The Rasika I once knew was long gone. The usual jeans and T-shirt were replaced with a salwar kameez, the once skinny figure was now in perfect shape, the once short hair was now beautifully long flowing to her mid back. I never realised she had such beautiful silky hair. I knew she was the one for me.

Ultimately…. We ended up in love with each other and married….

Now 3 years after marriage, things were pretty great. Rasika and I had made a beautiful living. She had transformed into being a typical sweet Indian woman. She was beautiful, caring and cooked amazing food.
However I secretly missed the old Rasika in college days. She knew I did.

So once I casually mentioned how I miss her old haircut and she asked me if I would like her to see her in short hair again. I got confused and couldn’t say a word. She looked beautiful in longer hair, yet I was missing her super short hair. It didn’t make any sense. Secretly I knew I wanted it.

On the last Saturday I woke up very late around 1130am as I was working late on Friday. When I woke up, I was alone in bed. Obviously as Rasika wakes up early. Everyday. So she wasn’t in the bedroom.

So I looked for her around the house. She wasn’t home.

In some time the door bell rang and I opened the door.
Rasika was standing there looking at me playfully, her long hair was no more. She had cut all of it short. She looked very cute.

I hugged her and we kissed standing the door. It was my dream come true. I got my college going Rasika back.

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