My Daughter made me get a short haircut

Hi All,

I am female, from Delhi.
I have a daughter who goes to college.

Recently we had planned a trip for Singapore with family. So daughter was going to salon for getting her hsir done. She asked me to join. Said it is not everyday that you go to singapore. Also that since we were going to be away from home, we had planned that I will wear my daughters Jeans and top, which i never wear in India.

When we went to salon, she said that lets get you a different haircut so that you will look modern and also such that it should grow out in just one month. So she asked the guy in salon to cut off my mid back length hair. They gave me a shoulder length bob !!

This is the first time i had got such a short haircut. When we went to singapore and I wore my daughters clothes. My husband first time saw me in jeans and top. And coupled with bobcut, he loved my look so much that now he has insisted on me wearing jeans and top always. My husband is quite strict and I have started wearing the new clothes now. But this new haircut and look helped me bond with my husband more. And i had no idea just such small things make so much difference.
I had been reading confessions on snipnchop and i never thought that things i read would really happen in my own life.
Thank you snipnchop for allowing us to publish confessions anonymously without login of any kind, else I would have never dared to put this confession here.

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