Mothers love(Part 1)

Hi, my name is Rajesh. I am a logistics manager in a big company and often travel for work. My wife Priya is a lawyer and she works from home. An arrangement that helps her pursue her career as well as take care of our kids. Oh yes! We have two boys. Adarsh is 6 and Ajay is 3. Adarsh just like his name suggests is sincere and disciplined. Ajay however has been more pampered by us in our good days, hence more stubborn and demanding. Both our kids are quite smart though.

I quickly found my phone to disable the alarm to not disturb Priya. I knew she was working late last night. Regardless of my efforts, she woke up. It was 6 am on a Saturday and I had a 9:15 am flight to catch.

“Rajesh, where are you going now?” she said trying to find her voice.

“I have an annual program of our company to attend. It’s in Mumbai tomorrow” I said feeling slightly sad that I won’t get to spend the weekend with my kids and my beautiful wife.

I had already packed up my bags last night and quickly took a hot shower and started dressing up. Priya was looking at me. I could tell some thoughts were flowing through her head. So I got ready by 6:45 and sat beside her.

“What are you thinking sweetie? I..I know I was supposed to spend time with you and the kids this weekend…andd..d” She interrupted

“It’s okay..Maybe next time..” she said with a smile

She sat up and redid her long hair into a bun. Priya had always had long hair and she did look beautiful when she tied in in a bun. It just highlighted the beautiful features of her face. She had a face that would pull off a short haircut beautifully. I never dared tell her that though knowing how much she loves her waist long hair.

Kids had a holiday as it was Saturday, I was supposed to take them for a haircut as they were long overdue.
Priya said she will take them and I told her to go to the same barbershop I always took the kids and tell Jason my name. Jason was our regular barber. He and his brother Johnny operated the barbershop.
So I instructed my wife about what to do and then we talked for a while before the cab arrived.

“I love you Priya, take care of yourself and the kids” I said kissing her goodbye.

“I love you too, have a safe trip” she said before I left.

The thoughts about my wife and my kids didn’t leave my mind in the cab. I was a lucky man.

After having the breakfast Priya decided to take the kids for a haircut. She drove them to Jason’s barbershop and they were asked to wait as both Jason and Johnny were occupied.

After some time, Jason was free and called for anyone to hop in his chair.
“Who’s next?” He said smiling at the kids. I felt he recognised them and I didn’t feel the need to tell him Rajesh’s name.

Now I knew that Ajay absolutely hated haircuts and he would need some big efforts from us to get him in the chair. So naturally, Adarsh was the first one to go and sit in Jason’s chair. Meanwhile Johnny was close to finishing his client’s hair.

Adarsh sat in the chair and Jason started cutting his hair with clippers with a no. 2 guard on it. It reduced Adarsh’s hair to a short even length. This fascinated Priya as she had never seen such a machine giving someone a haircut. With a few passes over Adarsh’s head, Jason finished with his haircut quicker than Johnny finished with his client.

So it was Ajay’s turn next and since I had advised Priya to go with Jason, she made Ajay sit in Jason’s chair. In the meantime Johnny became free too.

Ajay started crying loudly as he didn’t want to cut his hair. It was an embarrassing situation for Priya as she had never dealt with such a situation before. Jason showed Ajay a big chocolate bar and told him that he would get it once the haircut is done.

Ajay allowed Jason go start and the clippers started cutting Ajay’s hair. It was a relief for Priya and she thought that the job is done now, but Ajay has other plans.

Ajay started crying again and wouldn’t allow Jason to continue working. It was a new problem that Priya had to deal with.

She decided that she had enough and tried to force Ajay but the stubborn kid wouldn’t listen. There had to be another way.

In a bid to get Ajay ready for the haircut, Priya sat in Johnny’s chair and said , “Look Ajay beta, mommy is getting her hair cut too”

This helped to her surprise and Ajay was quiet but still didn’t allow Jason to work.

That time Priya knew she had to trick Ajay into thinking that she is really getting her hair cut. So she removed her hair clip and thick beautiful long hair tumbled behind the chair. As a barber, Johnny had never seen such beautiful long hair on his chair.

Johnny opened the drawer and put a cape around Priya. He lifted her long hair in order to tie it around her neck.

“Look Ajay, even I am getting a haircut” Priya said trying to cheer Ajay up.

“What can we do?” Priya asked Johnny

Johnny was now quite in a mood to have one of the best time of his life as a barber and he said “Well, I could use a guard..”

Priya thought that a guard would prevent the clippers from cutting any hair. So she thought it’s such a smart way to trick Ajay. Little did she know Johnny had other intentions.

“Ok do it” she said to Johnny

By this time quite a few men had gathered at the barbershop and they had never seen anything like this. A beautiful woman with long hair sitting in the barber’s chair.

Johnny put a tissue around Priya’s neck and tightened the cape around her neck.
He switched on the clippers and put on a no. 4 guard on it. He showed it to Priya and she thought everything was going perfectly as per the plan.

All mean, Ajay, Adarsh and Jason were now watching what Johnny was going to do next. My beautiful wife was the only one who didn’t know what was really going on.

Johnny gathered all her hair in his left hand and held it up so he could place the clippers on her neck. He switched on the clippers and there was a loud thud as the machine started.

He placed them on her neck and pushed them up as the silent room was filled with the sound of clipper ploughing their way through Priya’s hair. He repeated the passes in quick succession and pushed it to the top of my wife’s head. After a few seconds he let go the gathered hair in his left hand and half of Priya’s thick long mane was lying on the floor.

Hair just a fourth of an inch were left on the back of Priya’s head. My wife turned around and watched the floor as a masses of her lovely hair were lying there. The hair she had taken so much care of all her life. She realised it was too late now.

Even Ajay was stunned and shocked and now very quiet. She looked at him and smiled. “Now allow Jason to continue until mommy gets her haircut”

Jason quickly continued cutting Ajay’s hair.

Johnny now changed a guard to leave the top hair longer. He placed the clippers on Priya’s forehead and continued chopping off her hair. Beautiful hair fell down on the cape and into her lap. Tears tried to roll down her eyes but she quickly gathered herself. Her eyes were watery and she no longer could hide behind her hair. She felt the cool air through her shortly cropped hair like never before. Johnny finished up giving her a very short pixie cut.

To her surprise, Priya actually liked the way she looked even though her hair was now shorter than me.

Jason finished up and Priya paid for three haircuts but Johnny didn’t take any charge for her haircut.

All the people present in the barbershop had witnessed a haircut they would never forget.

My wife Priya immediately texted me as she sat in the car and drove the kids them back home.

(Continued in part 2)

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