Moms haircut pic posted on FB by her stylist

My mom is modern and and she goes to a very good and expensive salon for haircut.

Last week she had gone to the salon that she usually goes for an appointment for haircut, waxing etc.
This time Stylist had suggest her a style change and mom went from a mid back length haircut to a shoulder length bob.

Since it was quite a change the hairstylist had clicked her before and after pics. Couple of days back he uploaded those pics to his Facebook page.

When I saw moms pics and page, and noticed the comments on the pics. People had just loved moms new look. But not just that, there were lots of comments like “What a beauty” and all. And the most surprising one “Which college are you from”

Lots of compliments on her fashion sense and makeup too. Like “Love your top”  and “How did you get the smokey eyed makeup” etc.

Quite a shock. Never thought mom could pull that off !!

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