Moms drastic cut

I had try to convince mom to chopp her mid back hair to boys cut style. Its February 18th, 2016 evening mom was ready to go with me for her haircut. She was wearing a silk saree , her long mid back hair tied in a fancy clip. We were walking on street. Mom suddenly asked we are going to local parlour na then why we are going in this route? No mom we are going to unisex salon! Mom asked Oh where is it?. Near rail way station mom! Mom face in confusion. We reaced to salon . I first entered into the salon and mom followed me .I talked with the receptionist . hello my mom need haircut! She asked me regular or stylish ? I replied it would be boys cut! She saw me with shocking eye and measured mom’s long hair by her professional eye and replied Ok plz seat. After 5 minutes a guy came and asked us who will get haircut? I said to him my mom will get haircut. She asked mom to follow him . then he took mom for hair shampoo . he opened mom’s hair clip and gave me. After 10 minutes took mom to cutting chair. And asked mom which style would u prefer ? I replied she will take boys cut i told in reception naah! He told with positive reaction but madam have nice long hair why want to cut? I answered him for a change plz cut her long hair. He asked would she can carry that short ? I said yes do it she could carry. He said with a naughty smile ok mam say good bye to ur long hair look. Mom felt shy then she coveredd her face with hand and asked it will suit on me na? Stylist replied u will look smart. Mom smiled with lots of shyness. Then stylist took a comb and combed full length of hair rapidly. Then he maked a pony on mom’s hair and put scissor on top of the pony and started to chopp full length!!!! I saw that with highest excitement. Mom covered her face again . the sound occurred scrachhh sccrraaachhh .. With in a minute full pony dropped on floor and spread.. Mom’s hair chopped upto her neck.. Mom was shocked to see herself in mirror. Then stylist parted moms hair in sections and clipped them. Then he bended mom’s face and started cut her back hair from jaw level.only sounds of scissor entered in my ear. Mom’s short pieces of hair spreads on her capeafter completed mom’s back hair stylist started to cut right side hair it above mom’s ear he chopped hairs with comb and scissor like boys hair . after he completed i saw mom side hair were so short nearly 2 inch. he chopped mom left side hair same. Then he opened clip from top hair and started to cut. He chopped all hsir only left 3-4 inches on top. All cutting completed he chopped front hair upto mom’s forehead . then he again started to cut back hair and left only 1 inches on back.. Mom was looking like a school going boy!! I was shocked to see her this look but its looking so cute on her face . then stylist shaved mom s side burn and nape by clipper. Mom was in red shy face. But i was too much excited that time.

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