Mom got extremely Modern hair colour and Highlights

My mom has long silky hair till her waist.

but since she has some white hair she always colours it to hide the white hair.

This time one of the girl in our locality owns a salon and she said that she needs some models for hair colour. She teaches haircuts and colour, so her students wanted to practice it on someone. So if mom becomes model she will get her hair coloured for free. Initially mom thought that they will colour her white hair black and if it is for free then why not. So she went to their salon as a model. She said when she went to the salon, there were around 4 guys and 1 girl who were working on her hair colour and she had no idea what was going on. There were other Girls too who had come as models.

Mom has returned home with all her waist length hair in light brown colour and blonde highlights in them !!

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