Mom got a makeover to become secretary

Hello friends,

This has been in my memory for long time and I am able to tell this in public only because Snipnchop allows confessions anonymously.(thanks for that)

This is something that had occurred long time back when I was a kid.

My dad used to work in a private company, and my mom was a housewife. For some reason the company got shut down and my dad was jobless.

Dad had learned a lots of things during his job and also had good relations with people in his line of business. So he decided that he will start his own business. He was short of funds and he started small. But he started getting good business and he alone was not able to handle all the work. But he still couldn’t afford a secretary.

So while we were having dinner dad asked mom if she would like to become dads secretary. Mom was well educated and could easily be a helping hand for dad so she agreed. But dad said that there is one more thing. Since he had to do lots of presentations in front of clients and his secretary(mom) has to be present with him, mom needed to look like a true corporate woman.

My mom was a completely traditional woman, who had never worn anything except saree. Mom had long hair till waist. And had absolutely no fashion sense.

In those days there were no salons, only beauty parlours. And mom had visited beauty parlours only on occasions like someone’s marriage, that too for doing eyebrows probably.

I remember we had one small parlour near our house and on one sunday that parlour lady was called at our home.

Dad had ordered to get moms hands and legs waxed first.
Eyebrows were done. Then facial was done.

When it came to haircut, mom was very reluctant, but dad said that mom needs to look like a corporate women. So when parlour lady asked dad about what haircut to be done on mom, he said a short haircut like twinkle khanna.

At that time Shahrukh Khan’s “Badshah” movie had released and in that twinkle khanna had sported a boycut like princess Diana, and she was looking really stylish in it.
Mom had not seen the movie and so got a surprise when parlour lady started cutting moms waist length hair directly near nape level !!

After a lot of chopping and snipping moms haircut was over. I must admit that mom was looking very different in short hair as we were not at all used to seeing mom in short hair. But later in the evening when mom got comfortable with the look we had a really good time fooling away with mom. Me and dad was ruffling moms hair and all to tease her.

Next day on monday morning came bigger shock. When it was time for mom and dad to go to office, mom came out of her room in a trouser and a formal shirt!!
I must tell you at that moment she looked exactly like Twinkle from badshah movie.

After a few days we got ok with the moms new look.
And fortunately dads business also went too well. Now mom is a really good business woman. Well respected in her business.

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