Mid back to long bob haircut for client pics and review


Experience by hairstylist:

She is one of my client and cutting her hair is always fun.

Texture of hair is really good and hence any haircut done really takes a good shape.

She had hair till a few inches below her shoulders, and was looking for a trim. Although being young and energetic women i suggested her to go slightly shorter and reduce the length a bit. Hence we went a bit shorter and gave her a long shoulder length bob.

The pics that you see here are without blow dry. and hence the ends are out turned.

Reducing the length was quite a change for my client and she took sometime in adjusting to her new length. I am told she got mixed reactions on her new bob haircut,  mostly because people had always seen her in long layers and bob was quite a change for her look.

Do let me know in the comments below what do you think about the haircut.

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I am a Freelancer from Mumbai and Takeup clients in all of Mumbai till Kalyan. Do let me know incase you would want to get a Designer haircut or Hairspa !!

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