Low waist saree embarrassment

Hi, I am sharmila, 29 years old. i am a working women and married a few years back.
Me and my husband are both on leave for diwali. It was dinner time. My husband was out somewhere in the locality itself. So i thought i will give him surprise by dressing up for him. So when he comes back home and sees me all dressed up he will like it. So i decided to be sexy for him. i went and wore a very sexy designer saree. Since it was going to be just two of us at home I wore it extremely low waist As much low waist as it is possible!!  I also wore a blouse which was completely backless and had only threads to tie it at the back. I did all the bold makeup with shrinking red lipstick and dark eyeliner for the eyes.  Blow dried my hair and made it look perfectly set. And then since my stomach part was all visible in low waist saree, to add more sexiness i put on a clip on navel jewellery.

I was waiting for my husband to come back. Door bell rang. And when i opened it there were two ladies from our colony. They had come to call me downstairs since everyone had gathered for a quick 15 mins meeting to wish everyone happy diwali and they had arranged for really good fireworks. I tried to tell them that i will join everyone in 5 minutes. But they said by then the fireworks will be over. So they did not listen to me and took me downstairs without allowing me time to change. When we went, everyone was looking at me. My husband was also present. Usually everyone had seen me like a very shy and sanskari bahu and everyone was shocked to see me in such a sexy and bold avatar. All men were joking that we do not need fireworks, we already have a bomb here.  Hell of a embarrassing situation for me !!

One thought on “Low waist saree embarrassment

  • November 13, 2015 at 5:14 pm

    Wow. you must have been really embarassed. Although i must say everyone got a treat for their eyes for everyone. ha ha ha
    But atleast thanks to you we atleast came to know how things work behind closed doors. lmao…..


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