Lets share Haircut Confessions

Hi All,

Lets everyone share their hair related confessions. Most memorable haircut you ever had. Good or bad whatever it maybe. And what you liked or hated about it.

Below is mine:

I am Radhika. I had long waist length hair. I had went to my native place in a village. And there was a family function. Women in the house had called a local village beauty parlour girl to give them haircuts and stuff. I though of getting my hair only trimmed. So i Sat for a haircut and when she asked me i told her I just need a trim. She combed my hair properly, then took scissiors and started cutting just a few inches below my shoulders !! I had a shock of my life. Later we found out she didnt knew english and she didnt knew what was a “Trim”.

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2 thoughts on “Lets share Haircut Confessions

  • October 16, 2014 at 7:50 pm

    I had went to a barbershop along with my kid son for his haircut. Barber said do you want a haircut. I thought no harm in trimming since it would cost me only 50 ruppes in a barbershop. My hair was mid back length before cut. He cut it in a Slightly distorted U shape just below my shoulders and gave me straight bangs in front like small girls !! Really embarassing !!

  • October 16, 2014 at 7:57 pm

    I was in my B.com last year. and quite a beautiful girl in my college. I had long hair, just a few inches shorter than waist. And i was really admired in the college for my hair. I had gone to a local beauty parlour with my mom when my mom said that i should get a haircut since my final exams were near. When I sat for haircut, mom orded the parlour lady to give me a bob so that i dont have to waste time over maintaining my hair during my exams. I was almost to tears during haircut. I thought i would look like a small girl. but the parlour lady gave me a bob which was shorter at the backa nd longer int he front. and it looked so sexy !! But i was really teased by my friends for looking slutty.. he he he !!


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