Inverted Bob

1)  For inverted bob. first do the middle parting and take a A-line section at the nape. Note that the A shape should be pretty border than usual. Just short of a horizontal section.

2) comb out this section properly and cut at 0 degree at the desired length. this will be your guideline.

3) while deciding the length of the guideline, it should be noted that, once the hair is dry, hair might lift up. so depending on the hair type cut your guideline approximately half inch to one inch longer than you actually wanted.

4) now only for the hair at the back of the head, keep taking sections parallel to the A-line section you had taken and cut these sections at 30 degree.( you will include some sections from your already cut previous section so that it serves as a guideline).  while cutting these sections you will stand at the back of the client and take the sections in the center of the head, exactly 30 degree above the place where you took your guideline.

5) Now move to the side of the client. for cutting hair form the side you will keep on taking diagonal sections. And go cutting from back to the front.

6)  While cutting these diagonal sections. you will have to over direct the hair to the back of the head and take it at the center of the nape, at the exact place where you cut your guideline. And cut it at 30 degree.

7)  Remember that ‘all the hair’ from the head needs to be taken section by section to the center of the nape and cut at 30 degree.

8) You will get a fine inverted bob with longer hair in the front and shorter hair at the back with a perfect slope.

9) Your haircut is done. Now for checking the haircut. Take larger sections of hair and check if there are any stray hairs or tails coming out. Cut off any stray hair or tails found.

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