Interview Sonal Long hair

    1. First name: Sonal
    2. Age: 27
    3. Length of your hair: Slightly longer than waist length
    4. Hair colour: black
    5. Current Haircut: long layers with side swept fringes in front.
    6. Any incidents related to your hair that you remember?When I was in college, then too I had very long hair. One day it so happened while taking out books from my college bag my hair got caught in the zip of my bag !! I tried to release my hair but it was of no use. Finally one of my friends took the scissors and cut that chunk of hair which was caught in the bag!! I had to get a haircut after that and my length had got reduced to mid back. This remained quite a hot topic of discussion for few days in college.
    7. How do you keep your hair so healthy? Any tips for your fans?   I get regular Coconut oil massage as it is the best conditioning that your hair can get. It helps to keep the roots strong and the massage helps blood circulation in your scalp leading the healthy hair.
    8. First haircut you got when you were a kid (off course the one you remember):  When I was kid my dad used to take me to barbershop every month and we both would have our haircuts done. Lol.
    9. Best haircut that you have ever got:  Boycut….. Ha ha ha …. I know it is ironic that a girl who has waist length hair had her best haircut as boycut. But I had got boycut once and it was an awesome experience.
    10. Worst haircut you have ever got:  I had once got a layered haircut but it had left a very thin tail at the tips. So whenever I would put a ponytail the ends would look really thin. I really hated that haircut.
    11. Tell us about most memorable compliment you have received on your beautiful hair:  It was from my mother in law. She said she always wanted a girl child (My husband has no siblings) and if she had a girl child she would have loved to have a girl who has such long hair as mine. She said even though officially I am her daughter in law. But for her I will always be her daughter. I think my long hair has made my bonding with my mother in law easier.
    12. Any good salon experience:  There was this salon I had visited where stylist sat with me for 5 minutes for consulting about what were my preferences about hair, hair length, if I had any complaints with regards to my hair and recommending solutions for it. It was really nice to get that personal consulting.
    13. Any bad salon experience:  Once I had told my stylist to trim my bangs. He had still left it a little longer than what I had in mind. So I asked him to trim a bit more, but he made them quite short. I looked like a little girl with such short bangs. Rest of the entire haircut I was sitting tensed if he would cut too much of my hair. My heart was beating so fast. Once I was out of his chair only then I found relief. Ha ha ha
    14. Any other thing you would want to share with the users:   None


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