How to write a good post for Snipnchop


Should have actress name and what change she has got
Do not use any special characters in title like – `, ?
Write only facts, do not give opinions.
This is new section, No vulguar words or content allowed

Images in content:   (Images Only from Offical Instagram accounts of celebrities allowed.)

Go to official Instagram account of celebrities where they have posted their new haircut / Makeover
1) Click on the image and click on the three dots which gives you more option (We have to get code for embedded image)



2)  Click on Embed


3) Click on Copy embed code.


4) Now your code for embeded image is copied. Hence lets go back to the editor for writing post and past this code where we need the image.

for this go to the “Text” view of the post and then paste the code in it where you need the image.




For multiple images, go to each image and copy its embed code and you can paste it one below the other.

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