How to Stay ahead when too many salons in one area

Many times you will find too many salons in one small locality. This means too much competition and it becomes difficult to survive.

On a more keener observation you will see that only few businesses would survive and the rest will have to shut down their salon because of low business.

Finding a new customer is very difficult. You will have to do lot of marketing and contacts to find a new customer.

hence the trick :

  • Retain the existing customer by giving them good service
  • This customer will go and do your word of mouth publicity.

Below are some tips that will help you. Everyone know this, but no one follows this :


Cleanliness and Hygiene

A lot of times I have heard comments from female friends saying below :

I had went to a new salon and they used unclean towels. I am not going to that salon again!!

You always feel that your salon is clean and hygienic. But does your customer feel so?

If your salon is clean and hygienic, not one will compliment you for it, because this is a basic expectation out of any salon. But if your salon is not clean and hygienic, you will lose all your hard earned customers.

Usually when you start a salon, you are very particular about keeping your salon clean. But as your customers increase and you get busy, you no more have time to bother about this small detail. This is where you start losing your business.

Get your friends or family members from time to time to your salon and ask them what can you do to make you salon more clean and hygienic.

Immediately implement whatever is easy and does not require much money. For the rest of the things, try to implement in due course of time.


Consultation is more important than the haircut

Why do I Say this?

Because if I do a beautiful and perfect haircut on the client, who did not want this haircut, my perfect haircut and all the skills are of waste.

But if you are giving customer the haircut that customer always wanted, even if the haircut was not perfect, customer might not even realize it and would love the haircut !!

Consultation should be all about what is good for your client and not what is good for you. If you are best in doing a particular haircut, dosent mean customer wants the same haircut.

Spend good amount of time to speak to your client. Ask them what issues they are facing, what kind  of look they want to achieve.

This will give your client a feeling of personal touch. They will know that you really care about how they look and they are important for you.

Many a times customers will expect very beautiful results which are not practically possible. And then blame will be on you. Consultation is the best time to set right expectations with your customer at the start itself.

Good consltation = Loyal client


While customer is  getting one service, don`t try to sell another service

I went to a salon to get a haircut. and all the time haircut was going on, hairstylist was suggesting me expensive services one after other.

He did a really good haircut. But my overall experience of the haircut was really bad. Because I had come to the salon to relax and have good grooming and pampering. But I spent all the time saying ‘No’ to the hairstylist for all the services he suggested.

He had done such a good haircut that, I would have continued going to him for next time. But I never went back to that salon again.

Never ever suggest any new service to your customer when he has come first time to your salon. NEVER.

If you want to suggest a particular service to a customer, suggest them during consultation. Once customer says YES or NO, that is the point you STOP.

Dont bother your customer after that. Give him good service and he will return back next time.

Many a times, when customer is not able to afford a service suggested by stylists, his ego gets hurt. Hence be careful.


Keeping updated with latest trends among celebrities

My mom went to a salon and asked the stylist for a haircut similar to a particular actress in daily soap. Hairstylist did not know that this actress had now grown out her hair.

Before getting haircut mom had long hair till her lower back and mom returned home with a bob.

I think I need not say anything more.

To keep yourself updated with latest trends among celebrities, keep visiting this website everyday. also download our android app “SNIPNCHOP”.


Polite and humble staff

When you go to a government office to get your work done, you face a lot of arrogant staff. Everybody avoids going to a government office as much as possible.

But when you go to a mall for shopping, the lady their will help you with everything you need, even if you do not buy anything at all. You always go to malls.

This rule applies even to the salons. A lot of times, when salon owner is not present in salon, staff is slightly rude or impolite to the customer.

Teach your staff the importance of politeness. Tell them that not just your salon, but the hairstylist himself has his own personal reputation to keep.


Your customers are humans, not sheep or goat

Many a times, stylists and salon staff are a bit rough with handling the customer. Your customer is a human being and not a sheep or goat, treat them nicely, even when there are too many customers in waiting.


I hope this article helps you in increasing your business. Now I know, even your competition will read this article. But like I said before. Everyone know this. no one follows it. So if you follow, you will be ahead.


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I am a Freelancer from Mumbai and Takeup clients in all of Mumbai till Kalyan. Do let me know incase you would want to get a Designer haircut or Hairspa !!

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