How to choose location for new salon

new salon location

Planning to open a new salon? The first and most important task is to choose a right location for your salon. Below are the factors you should consider when choosing a location for your salon:

  1. Foot fall

Foot fall means – how many people would pass by in front of your shop everyday. So if the shop that you are planning to use for salon maybe in a busy market place or in a mall where foot fall will be lot more and if it is in a quiet place somewhere in the outskirts then the foot fall maybe less. People will visit your salon if they know about it and it is on their way to office or near their home. Hence foot fall is the most important factor in choosing a salon. Larger the foot fall, better the place to start a salon.

  1. Rent or ownership of shop

Are you planning to take a place on rent or planning to buy the place? If you are planning to buy the place to start a salon, our suggestion is – don’t. Always start a business with as much less initial investment as possible, so that if business does not work as expected, you can shut it down or move to another place. Hence while starting your salon preferably get a rented space.

  1. Budget

So now that we have decided on renting a shop, check out what is your budget. The place that you have in mind for salon, can you afford the rent for it. Sometimes the shop you have in mind maybe in a busy marketplace with very good foot fall, but rent maybe very high. Even if you can afford the rent, are you sure you will be able to make so much business in that place so that after giving the rent, salaries of employees and expenses on products, will you be making a profit? You need to do your calculations and arrive to a right budget to start with.

  1. Demographics

Always check what the demographics of the area are. Are the people rich and can go to salon frequently? or the crowd in the location is mostly old and aged who don’t prefer to go to salon much. If there is a college nearby then you will get many college students as your clients who will be willing to trying out latest fashion and trends. If it is a busy marketplace it will be a mixed crowd you can expect in your salon.

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