Hairstylist gives Shweta tiwari like haircut to reluctant housewife

I am working as a hairstylist for a few years now.

I have a lots of regular clients. One of them is Ms. Sheela (Name changed).

She is a usual housewife and usually wears punjabi suits or sarees whenever she visits the salon. She has long black hair. And for a long time she was getting usual straight or U shaped haircuts.

Sheela mam is quite beautiful, but does not really have much fashion sense. She could look really beautiful with better haircuts but she was reluctant to do any change.

Last time when she came to salon, like always I tried to convince her to change the look, she was not sure about it. I asked her if there is anything that her husband wants her to try. She said her husband dosent even notice her haircuts. So i mentioned that lets do something simple but this time her husband should notice her haircut.

I think I was able to hit the nail on its head. She agreed but was not ready for anything drastic.

So i gave her shweta tiwari like haircut. Long hair in the back with slight layers. Front hair heavily layered. And to grab her husbands attention i gave her bangs in the front. She was very reluctant for bangs, but later agreed. When i combed her very long hair in the front and cut bangs at eyebrow level, lots of long hair fell on the ground. Mam was really shocked at this.

But i must admit, she looked really hot with thr new haircut. I wish all the customers agree to what we hairstylists have in mind. I am sure we will be able to make a lot of simple women look beautiul and gorgeous.

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