Haircut trends in new year 2016


Year 2015 saw a lot of different variations in haircuts, specially  shoulder length haircuts like long bob or famously called LOB . Not just Hollywood but a loads of Bollywood celebrities also opted for a long bob like Katrina Kaif!! A lots of celebrities went short by cutting off their long hair roughly around shoulder length in 2015


Gone are the days of long hair. This year 2016 will see the trends of even shorter haircuts than long bob.
Pixies, chin length bob will be very much in fashion and most sought after haircuts in 2016. Haircuts that had long been lost like Mushroom haircut or wedge haircut will also make a comeback in a big way.

Although the above being true, emphasis would be on the edginess of the haircuts and the haircuts would be a bit bold. Undercuts, side shaves and hair designs will drive the haircuts in 2016. Bold and loud statements through haircuts would be seen.

Along with shoulder length haircuts, bangs or fringes would be in Vogue in 2016, specially in combination with other haircuts like bob.

Generally the need of the hour drives the fashion, busy lifestyles and no time for maintaining long hair have boosted the prospects of shorter haircuts. Clients always complain of haircuts looking great only for a day or two after the haircut is done. Later it starts to looks as it looked before haircut or worse too messy. Hence the salon industry is evolving towards haircuts which look great even after a few months after haircuts are done. As a result hair fashion is moving towards shorter haircuts.

If you still have longer hair longer than shoulders, Its time to go snip snip !!

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