Haircut by husband

I am  Priya from Tamilnadu.

I got married two years back and shifted to Delhi where my husband works. I Had hip length hair initially. I saw many girls in Delhi don’t have long hair and requested husband to take me to saloon when he planned one Sunday for his haircut.   But he advised they will charge very high and promised to cut.  After he returned from haircut, he asked me to get ready so that he will cut my hair. We prepare in hall with news paper places below stool. He combed slowly and cut 5 to 6 inches straight and reduced the length.

Then he did regular trim every time on the day he gets haircut. Last month he suggested to reduce lengthy to leave as free hair in short length and not having option to braid. That day he kept cutting for long and finally he stopped when it reached shoulder length. I was requesting not to go very short but he said by this frequency of hair cut can be reduced. Finally it became very small and thick pony.

I was fond of bangs and requested to have once. He took large section of front hair and he cut it to mid forehead. I was very to look my face in mirror post the bangs cut. It looked like a small school girl cut. He also felt bad and convinced me saying next month he will take to saloon.

One thought on “Haircut by husband

  • June 11, 2016 at 2:21 pm

    Nice. Maybe you can think of getting a shorter cut without pony


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