Got Haircut Makeover after reading experiences from other girls on snipnchop

Female, Hydrabad.

My hair is straight and silky. I always had long mid-back length hair.

Whenever I visited salon, I used to ask the guy to give me steps with layers haircut. That guy does really nice haircuts and has good sense of what looks good on which face type. Every time he used to give me a lot of suggestions to try out different things but I was not comfortable trying out anything new, majorly because i knew steps with layers look good on me.

I follow snipnchop regularly and saw that many women, at all ages, try out different haircuts.
A lot of times thought had crossed my mind that even i should try something different. But whenever I sat in barbers chair, i always asked him to give me same haircut.

This time I decided I will try something different, but I was not sure what will look good on me.

I went to salon and I sat in barber chair and he put a cape on me. And then he asked me,”What were we doing? Steps with layers?”

I said,”No, lets do something different.”

He asked me what haircut I wanted.
I said,”Do whatever you want?”

He reconfirmed with me if he really has independence to do whichever haircut he wanted. When I gave him permission, he said,” Should I give you long bob haircut that I had suggested you a few times before.”

That really came as a surprise and it really gave me butterflies in my stomach, but I still gathered courage and said yes!!

When he started haircut, he just went snip snip. a lot of snipping and lot of chopping happened. I was finding it difficult to control the butterflies on my stomach and haircut was taking a long time since he was doing it with great precision.

Finally when the haircut was over I saw in the mirror and inspected my haircut. He had made it short from back and slightly longer in front. I just loved my new look!! When I got down from the chair, i noticed i had stepped over my own hair. But i didnt had much option, my hair was everywhere on salon floor. Never thought i had so much hair on my head.

I am glad I got this haircut.
I got a lot of compliments and words “sexy” and “hot” were in abundant. He he.

One thought on “Got Haircut Makeover after reading experiences from other girls on snipnchop

  • July 13, 2016 at 6:37 pm

    Hello ma’am that’s really great to hear……you should keep trying new looks as it brings spice in the routine life. …..

    hair is an accessory keep it up to date and nicely cut and you’ll surely look good


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