Get your work published on Snipnchop

Only for Salons, HairStylists and Makeup Artists !!

Getting your interview or your work published is a good way of marketing  your salon as well as yourself.

Also this is not a TV ad and it will remain here for long time.

We publish a Youtube video or Instagram pics which displays your work. Preferably haircut or makeup of some of your client.

Fill out below form details. if you have Youtube video already or have pics on Instagram then paste the links in the section given below. We will publish your work.

How to create youtube video ?

Step 1: You will have to arrange for a Female Client who is ready to record her makeover on video. (Give the service for free and they will be ready most of the times)

Step 2: Give her a makeover and video record it.

Step 3: Upload it to Youtube and send us the link

If you are unable to arrange for a Model, or unable to record, but still wish to publish your interview or Work, still let us know. We will TRY to arrange something for you in due course of time, and keep you in our list of Interested People.

Provide us your details and we will get in touch with you.

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