Your guess on mysterious haircuts in Rajasthan?

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    Hey guys,

    I am surprised no one took this topic for discussion. It was so much in news.

    Ladies belonging a village in Rajasthan (or some rural part of india.) Their hair is gettimng cut and no one knows who cut it or how it is getting cut. Many ladies have got their braids cut mysteriously.

    Very interesting for us. But just for fun we can all try to guess what may have happened. So what do you guys think? Who cut their hair?

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    It didn’t occur to me too but now that you mention it, it is surprising it wasn’t brought up here.

    I saw it on the news too. According to me some of the stories may be hyped up. One story i heard about on the news is that a cat entered the room through the window turned into a woman cut a lady’s hair and turned into a cat again and escaped. The only possible explanation to this is that some sort of hallucinogen is being introduced through some medium and a person simply cuts the lady’s hair.

    Another theory is that like the blue whale game some group is targeting maybe the children the of houses and giving them some incentive to cut the hair of a female member of the house and not tell anyone..though slightly far stretched.

    Though i guess it would be awesome if the explanation were that our (Hair fetishers) power has grown very strong and is thus making men and women in random places fall into a temporary state where they have a hair fetish and due to this they cut someone’s hair and not remember later!!…hahaha!! (Sorry sort of in a lame mood right now)

    That’s my throw in the dark…would love to hear from others!

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    Not sure about the start point of this rumour. But after it started appearing in news many people would have cut their wifes hair just to appear in news.

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    Also some females or their husbands who wanted ahort hair but were not able to get a haircuts due to social pressyre in villages for keeping long hair, they would have seized this opportunity and blamed the ghost for it.

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    I agree many people would have done haiecuts themselves and blamed ghosts. But what about genuine cases. Like ladies were slewping at night and when they woke up in morning their braids were cut off and lying on the bed.

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    You were lucky to be away from Rajasthan

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    Tbh its actually funny. I’m sure for most part they’d have chopped it themselves just to gain popularity or any compensation incase govt gives any. Else it’d be real fun to see if there was indeed any hair fetisher ghost😂

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