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    I think everyone here is a hair fetish. Which means everyone wants their wives/girl friends to have short hair. But most of the females do not want to get their short.

    Can everyone please share their thoughts on how to convince wives/girl friends to get short hair.

    I will first see your thoughts. Then I will also share my ideas on how to achieve this.

    Females in this group also – please share your thoughts.

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    For your kind information not everyone in this group ra hairfetish….some have desires for long locks and some have the imagination to chop them off…
    Now answering your question my idea is first appreciate your girls hair always when ever you get opportunity and ask her never cut it off I love it alot…here the actual game starts maximum girls do opposite to what you said to them so there is a hard chances they will come under your trap…(I experienced it)

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    U hve to make her think long hair is boring..
    But u hve to appreciate her looks and convince her tat short hair wll suit better than long hair..
    Also u can change the hairstyles only now.. aftr few years it won’t b possible as u’ll b committed in other things..

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    Thanks Sid and Vasu. I have recently came across a guaranteed step by step way to get our girl chop off all her hair willingly in 3 to 6 months.

    I am not able to find that post again. If I find that again, I will share it here so that you ppl can go through it and advice me whether it is practically possible before someone can actually implement it.

    Trying to search it. Will post as soon as I find it.

    Anyway, thanks for replying.

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    1) Many people on this forum are not hair fetish. But most of them are ok with others being hair feitsh.
    2) Honesty is many times best strategy. Instead of trying to manipulate wife/GF into getting short haircut, just tell her that it means a big deal to you and she may try to experiment it for you.

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    Ali Ahmad

    I think u should first tell her that she would look more beautiful in short hair.. then just tell her to let u trim her hair … first trim should always be as promised .. when u have the confidence next time chop more hair than she agreed for and tell her that its looking more good!

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    Nice thinking… lol…

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