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    It seems like admin and other participants have lost interest in this website.
    Admin is not active from ages and the participants also not posting anything to engage all.

    I am deleting my I’d from this website asap..
    Bye bye

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    @suma. U can participate in forums. Be like @shilpa. Make the website lively.
    Pavni Mehrotra has got a haircut like u. See video in YouTube.
    What tattoo have you chosen

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    I think this website is a good platform for all the ppl to cone together and chat and discuss. We are not using this effectively. If we all use this site frequently it will be fun to do griuo chat every night.
    Best part of this website is, everyone has anonymous identity. FB will ask your phone and email and all the details and keep track of you.
    I feel very comfortable to talk about anything here… so i will continue using this website which i have done for so many years.

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    no not now atleast…….after all this site has given us many happy moments…..
    and moreover we have @Mugdha who has taken place of admin and is now giving the latest celebrity news….what more do you expect…

    yeah it has got a bbit boring……but we all are like homies now….we are a small little family …..and if there is a problem the we all as a family will make it better…..

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    we need our long haired ladies @shilpa @shipra

    and our daredevil @nisha back in the forum to make it active

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    Yes Tony, no one is really active.
    Good point is everyone is happy real life.

    All these days I was little free. Now a days I am getting busy. Going to office regularly now and will hardly fins time to come and chat.

    Bye bye people. Today is my last day in snipnchop website

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    tussi ja rahe ho………
    tussi na jao…..😓😓😓😭😭😭

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    @suma. Good boys are inactive. Happy in real life. You have been giving personal update.
    Why don’t you suggest a time to chat. Some of us will join you.
    Give it a try .
    And if there are better things in brick and mortar world do try it out

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    jay parikh

    Mugdha any new celebrity news??

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    Let her go…. but the party must go on… lol…

    I will not leave this websitr ever. If my husband wants to cut my thigh lenfth hair to pixie , i am ok with it. But if he says he dosent wants me to use this site. He will not get food that day, and he loses all rights on deciding anythimg for my hair.

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    @shilpa. Guys can cook. But hubby should not tell you to stop using a website

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