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    Hey I’m upalina. Since childhood I am fair, chubby and everyone calls me cute everytime they meet me. When I was a kid my dad used to take me to men salon every month along with him to get haircut done. I had short boycut till 10 yrs. This made me hair fetish. I used to get nervous and sweaty everytime before haircut. I used to watch a lot of such videos on YouTube, read articles like this to meet my fetishism. I had mid back hair since teen years till now. But I always secretly wished to have short hair once.
    I am a management student so I need to wear formals. My long hair looks boring on it. So once my boyfriend casually said that short hair would look cute and classy on me like Emilia Clarke his favourite actress. That’s the day I decided to go short no matter what. I searched on google all the top rated salons and imagined myself on the chairs being caped and getting bobbed. The day arrived. Since my boyfriend and mom had agreed for shoulder length bob I was sure that I will go above that.
    I texted my boyfriend a last selfie with long hair. He forced me to come along as I had no one to go with. So I agreed but I was more nervous now. I was sweaty. We confirmed my appointment at the reception since it was afternoon time the salon had a few clients. The barber called me to sit on a chair and I went and my boyfriend sat exactly behind me. So that we could see each other in the mirror. I was feeling very awkward. I was literally stammering while telling the stylist what haircut I want. The stylist suggested a jaw length bob. And TO MY SURPRISE MY BOYFRIEND AGREED. I was happiest human being at that time. The barber caped me. And started spraying water and I made a piggy pouty face and my boyfriend laughed at me from behind as I was looking cute :-D. Then he combed my hair. And tied a ponytail below my shoulders. But my boyfriend suggested him to cut even above so he started cutting at nape level with the help of clipper as my hair was thick. In minutes my ponytail came off and my boyfriend played with it giving it to me. Then the stylist started doing back area by lowering my head. My boyfriend was staring at me. He did the nape area shorter to add volume and gave it a perfect a line bob shape. As I thought that this is over and he will take out a blow dryer now my boyfriend asked him to cut even shorter. I was thrilled to death but could not utter a word as I was really not ready to get up this early. Then the stylist took out clippers and I could feel them in my ear level. It was really very short. My shoulder length had become chin length and now it had become ear length. But the fact that I was looking cute and my hair looked voluminous made me happy. To give a sleek look he applied foam and shaved twice with sharp razor to make my nape look clean and shiny and fair. My boyfriend touched my freshly shaved nape. I got goosebumps by his touch on bare nape. I could feel cold air on my back now. My head got much lighter. As the stylist was combing my hair my boyfriend laughed at me seeing me caped with such extreme short hair. After the haircut I paid and I could see my boyfriend happier. I had satisfied his eyes. Next day after college I met him he said now I look classy in formals with this sexy stylish bob and he also told me not to grow hair till marriage.

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    What is the best compliment ahe got

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    Hey dude! It’s Arslan and I am new over here so my suggestion is to post pictures of hair
    with your story

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    hey admin
    Please allow more posts like these. very nicely written we need more like these.

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